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10 Benefits of Moving from QuickBooks to Home Health Agency Software

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If you’re feeling like you’ve outgrown QuickBooks, home health agency software is the next step. Home health agency software lets you manage multiple aspects of your business including accounting, financial management, payroll, operations, and sales.

Why Switch from QuickBooks?

QuickBooks provides a solid first package of accounting tools for most companies. However, over time, your business has likely outgrown its basic setup. It’s not giving you what you want or need to manage your homecare company the way you’d like to manage it. If that’s the case, then it’s time to consider changing your software package.

Companies who have made the switch from QuickBooks to home health agency software do so for many reasons. The following are some of the benefits they’ve experienced after switching over to a more robust software platform.

  1. Better insights: QuickBooks provides a glimpse into the top level of your accounting system. At some stage, however, you’ll find yourself frustrated by the lack of detail into many aspects of your home health business. A comprehensive accounting system provides both broad and deep insights into your accounting, finance, and operations. Reports are more detailed, which provides better information for improved insights into your business.
  2. Improved accuracy: A comprehensive home health care accounting system tracks data from multiple streams, including accounting, finance, operations and other departments. QuickBooks offers only accounting tracking. Because a full resource system tracks data across multiple departments, you’ll have a much more accurate picture of the overall finances of your business when you use a specialized homecare accounting system.
  3. Scalable: QuickBooks only integrates with specific apps, such as credit card readers, which limits how you can use and scale it throughout your business. Homecare accounting programs such as enterprise resource planning systems allow for much broader scalability. Many systems easily integrate with software that helps you manage customer data, warehouse data, and other aspects of your business. That comes in handy when you want to grow beyond one set of services. It’s also scalable in that as you add more locations, you don’t need to buy additional software packages. You can easily add more site licenses or increase your access with cloud-based homecare accounting software.
  4. Offers more for the money: When you began your homecare business, you probably needed an accounting package and not much else in the way of software. But, as your business grew, you wanted and needed more. A homecare accounting package offers more for the money than one single accounting software package. You’ll find many additional features in a home health agency software than in an off the shelf, one-size-fits-all accounting package.
  5. Easier to customize: QuickBooks allows you to customize specific fields; for example, the dropdown list of services, customer information, and some accounts. Not all fields are customizable and some features you may want for a healthcare business aren’t available. Home health agency software can be customized to suit your unique business needs.
  6. One platform, many applications: Another great feature of broader home agency software is its ability to run many applications through one single dashboard or platform. Many programs allow you to run accounting, operations, payroll, human resources, customer software, and more through a single platform. That’s a great time saver for your entire team.
  7. Quality and compliance management: Adhering to strict quality and compliance standards is important for a healthcare agency. Accounting software doesn’t have the ability to track compliant and quality control standards. Home agency software can track all the requirements needed to maintain quality and compliance standards for yourself, your staff, and any other areas you need to track.
  8. Adaptability: Accounting software can adapt only within the parameters of accounting; that is, it can be adapted to LIFO or FIFO accounting methods, accrual or cash basis, etc. But, what if you need something different? It can be difficult to adapt existing software to meet the unique needs of a home healthcare agency. Specialized software offers more features that can be adapted to track unique billing arrangements, insurance companies, billing codes, etc.
  9. Integration: QuickBooks integrates with a handful of packages. It may integrate with payroll processing software and other accounting software. But, ask it to integrate with a robust customer management system, a staff scheduling system, or another package that is not traditionally used in conjunction with accounting software and you’re out of luck. Not so with healthcare agency software, which often comes with the assumption that integration is part of its future.
  10. Better support: Unless you work with an accountant who is an authorized QuickBooks expert, you’re out of luck if you need extensive customer support or training. You’ll have to rely on bulletin boards, forums, user manuals, and similar methods to receive replies to your questions. When you purchase home health agency software from a licensed reseller, the reseller often provides training to your team to help you get the most out of it. They may also offer free support and additional follow-up training, such as helping you use new features that are rolled out after they’ve sold you a basic package. You get better support and service with home health agency software than from common accounting software.

As you can see, there are many advantages to buying comprehensive home health agency accounting software. It offers more for your money and is built with the unique needs of a home healthcare agency in mind.

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