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3 Exciting Awards for Acumatica Cloud ERP

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When we first saw Acumatica Cloud ERP and explored its capabilities in depth, we knew it was a winner. We were looking for cloud software that is powerful enough to support every aspect of your business, but has a purchase price that makes it feasible for small and medium businesses to install, mobilize, and customize.

We’re pleased to be able to offer this cloud ERP to our customers. Our evaluation has been validated by three recent awards bestowed on Acumatica that laud the product’s “innovation, vision, and overall industry impact.”

PC Magazine gave Acumatica an excellent rating and said that the cloud ERP has “flexible navigation, robust reporting, easy browser-based access, and … provides great value …”

Acumatica Cloud ERP also received a 2016 CODiE award for the “Best Supply Chain Management Solution.” The CODiE’s are awards judged by independent industry experts.

And that’s not all. Acumatica was selected as one of five 2016 IDC Innovators. International Data Corporation (IDC) gives this award to pioneering companies in cloud services.

Cloud Applications Offer Full Functionality

Can cloud ERP really do what your business needs? Yes. In fact, not only can you gain the efficiency and ease of cloud applications, but you can also have the full-featured functionality of proven ERP software. Acumatica Cloud ERP has software modules for manufacturing, distribution, finance, and more. If you are familiar with legacy ERP systems that required extensive customization, take a new look at what today’s ERP can do. You might be surprised at the standard functionality that you can gain without customization and with the tremendous benefits of a cloud-based ERP. In addition to this functionality, cloud ERP can simplify the implementation process, increase business agility, and reduce the cost of ownership.

Implementation is Easier with Cloud Software

Implementing Acumatica Cloud ERP is easier than many on-premises ERP solutions because the software is modular and provides greater accessibility. In addition, when companies choose to outsource the hosting of their ERP and choose software as a service (SaaS), they eliminate the need to install and support new hardware and software platforms.

Cloud Applications Enable Business Agility and Transparency

When your business is growing, whether through increased sales, geographic expansion, or acquisition, Acumatica Cloud ERP can help your business be agile and flexible. By leveraging cloud ERP capabilities such as improved access and transparency, organizations can transform processes to alleviate growing pains. Cloud ERP can ease the migration of shared processes and data, help move toward integrated systems, and provide multi-location access.

An easy-to-use, mobile user interface is expected today, which means that Internet and mobile offerings need to be provided. Acumatica Cloud ERP software allows for much easier delivery of corporate data and information on mobile platforms allowing employees, suppliers, and customers access to critical data on any device and from anywhere.

Cost of Ownership is Lower with Acumatica Cloud ERP

When ERP first became available, only mega companies could afford to implement it. The upfront software, hardware, and implementation costs were a major barrier to small businesses. That has changed over time with ERP systems such as Sage software that are made for small to mid-sized businesses. With cloud ERP and SaaS, the barriers in terms of time and cost got even lower. Acumatica provides an innovative pricing model that provides great value and flexibility meeting the needs of small to medium businesses. With hosted cloud software, the cost of ownership is reduced as you pay by the user, enabling you to scale up or down as your needs change. You also gain ERP functionality improvements much sooner, as the vendor upgrades the system for you. Your IT investment can be redirected as you don’t need to manage servers or upgrade software and hardware.

Clearing the ERP Cloud

To learn more about using the cloud for ERP, download our whitepaper, Clearing the ERP Cloud.

If you would like to see this award-winning ERP, contact us for a demonstration. Mindover Software can help you implement cloud ERP in your business.