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3 Trends to Watch in Warehouse Management

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As this year draws to a close, we’re looking at new trends in warehouse management and the ability of software to improve shipping, receiving, and inventory management.

This year has seen enormous growth in ecommerce shipping. While fewer people are venturing to bricks and mortar stores to shop, online shopping has grown by leaps and bounds. Ecommerce is expected to top $709.78 billion this year from $601.65 billion in 2019, the largest jump in ecommerce sales ever recorded in a single year.

Consumers have been conditioned by companies like Amazon to expect overnight or two-day shipping and frequent, accurate updates about their order status. Those who cannot provide such information appear to be very outdated compared to other ecommerce retailers who can. For those who lack the technological infrastructure to support accurate and timely customer communications about order and shipping status, now is the time to update your software.

There’s a huge market of consumers eagerly shopping online as well as B2B customers now shopping online more than ever. If your company isn’t serving them as they have grown to expect from their average online shopping experiences, they’ll take their business elsewhere.

3 Trends to Watch in Warehouse Management

Although there are many trends happening worldwide, these three appear to be consistent among various experts in the warehouse and logistics management industries.


Automation is everywhere, but now it’s moving into capacity management. Newer technology uses data to plan capacity and manage stock, reduce errors, find lost revenue, and stop wasted space.

Automation is also breaking new ground with “automation as a service.” For companies just exploring automation for the first time to those who know they only need it during peak seasons, automation as a service provides easy access to technology without the full-time investment.

On-Demand Warehousing

Nationwide, many buildings are unoccupied due to companies going out of business or business real estate not moving as briskly as it did pre-pandemic. The solution: companies transforming these unused buildings into warehouse space. Although it may not be ideal for a permanent warehouse or distribution center, it can be suitable for on-demand or temporary warehousing. This flexible arrangement benefits all parties and allows ecommerce retailers to speed delivery by shifting delivery points to wherever the need is greatest.

APIs to the Rescue

API stands for application programming interface. It’s a software that makes it easy to connect two or more systems. Rather than spending money on custom programming, warehouse managers are using API-enabled technology to connect separate resources to form systems better able to manage their unique needs. APIs can be used to help systems collect and share data, for example, to provide a more comprehensive view of inventory and warehouse space.

Warehouse Management Software

Of course, many of these trends rely on warehouse management software to make it easier to manage various locations, inventory needs, and shifting information needs. The right warehouse management software can really help your ecommerce business grow and capitalize on the current change in consumer taste (and need) towards online shopping.

Both on-premises and cloud-based warehouse and distribution management packages can be helpful additions to your software suite. These systems come with easy-to-use interfaces, intuitive dashboards, and the ability to connect quickly with other systems. Such a flexible approach to warehouse management software ensures that no matter what you’re selling, you’re able to handle both warehouse and distribution needs with ease.

Choose Mindover Software for Warehouse and Distribution Management Technology

There are many options on the market. How do you know which one is right for your warehouse and distribution needs?  Please contact Mindover Software, 512-990-3994. We’d be delighted to set up a consultation to discuss software choices that can help your business grow.