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4 Benefits of Automating Reports from Financial Management Systems

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DataSelf, for use with Acumatica and Sage ERP, can help you save time and effort by automating many reporting needs. It goes beyond traditional spreadsheets to enable you to analyze data effectively.

Acumatica and Sage ERP, combined with DataSelf, offer many advantages to your business. With such systems in place, real-time data, improved insight into your company’s finances and systems, and data are all available with the click of a button. You have more information available to make better decisions.

Mindover Software is offering a free recorded webinar to help you improve the creation and use of analytics. Analytics for Sales Teams helps you identify key metrics for sales teams and how to get your sales teams to use data effectively. It’s a great resource to improve your use of data and analytics.

Read on to discover 4 benefits of using a business intelligence system with your ERP.

  1. Save Time Preparing Reports

How much time are you spending now preparing reports? Companies who rely on spreadsheets often find that it takes hour to generate data, key it into a spreadsheet, build charts and graphs, and generate a report that provides useful information. It can take hours to create a report only to find an error that makes the whole thing invalid.

Automating reports saves an enormous amount of time. The hours spent preparing and running reports, finding mistakes and fixing them, and distributing reports can be used for more productive tasks. When you can run a report with one click instead of hours of typing, it makes sense to automate them.

  1. Automate and Simplify Your Reports

Business intelligence systems draw data directly from ERP systems such as Acumatica and Sage ERP. This means that real-time data is used to produce reports. You don’t have to worry about outmoded data.

Because data is always at the ready, you can then automate—and yes, simplify—your reporting process. There’s no need to download and verify data before keying it back into a spreadsheet to produce a report. Instead, you can run reports right from your computer.

Most BI and ERP systems come with standard reports. Reports often include financial analysis, general ledger reports, inventory, purchasing, and sales reports. Often these are enough to fill your company’s reporting needs. Instead of struggling with manual data entry each month, these reports can all be automated to save time and effort.

  1. Smash Silos

Silos within your company may be hindering you from doing your job. When people guard data, it’s a struggle to obtain it.

Business intelligence and ERP systems break down the silos that keep departments separate. When data flows into a central reporting point, no one can guard it and prevent others from accessing it. Instead, it is shared freely. This fosters collaboration among departments. Collaboration is the first step to breaking down silos and enhancing a team atmosphere that offers better insights and ideas for company productivity.

  1. Data Visualization Made Easy

If you’ve ever struggled to tag labels onto graphs in a spreadsheet, you know how difficult is can be to make a spreadsheet produce data visualizations that help people grasp the information at hand. BI and ERP reports make it easy to produce great data visualizations that really enhance the information being shared. With the touch of your mouse, you can generate different graphs and other reports so everyone can see the big picture.

Training Enhances Report Use

Even with terrific standard reports, you may find people are struggling to find what they need. They may complain that the information they need isn’t available or that the right reports aren’t included. If that happens, it might not be your system that’s at fault. It may be the users.

After the initial excitement over the system wears off and training becomes a thing of the past, people often forget how to perform tasks on the system. If you don’t perform a task frequently, it is easy to forget about it.

People begin using the system and forget the instructions they received on how to run custom reports or how to find little-used reports. Months pass, and their frustration grows. It’s not the system’s fault—it’s simply a result of time creating amnesia among those who need to use reporting functions.

Training refresher courses may help with this problem. BI systems can automate and simplify many complicated reports, but your team won’t be able to use them if they don’t know they exist. Scheduling some additional training time may be helpful to explore the entire gamut of reports in your system and discover new ways of using them to generate the information you want and need.

If automating your reports sounds like a great idea, check out DataSelf for Acumatica and Sage ERP from Mindover Software. It can transform how you view and use your data.

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