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Acumatica Cloud ERP Users Benefit from Multi Cloud Features

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Acumatica Cloud ERP users know that multi-cloud software offers some great features. New multi-cloud features offer an array of benefits once available only to large companies with the budget to build their own supporting infrastructure. Today, Acumatica Cloud ERP users reap the same benefits easily and quickly through internet-based products.

In the past, those who wanted an ERP system had to write their own scripts, find hosting platforms that had the power for their needs and hire a team of experts to implement an ERP system. Now, with Acumatica Cloud ERP, an enterprise resource planning system can be in place and run at a fraction of the time it used to take. More importantly, powerful features are now available to all who run Acumatica Cloud ERP. It’s no longer a system limited to “big players,” but one that is open to all companies with the foresight to implement an ERP system.

Features and Benefits of the Multi-Cloud Environment

There are many benefits to businesses running software on the cloud. A multi-cloud environment, which links numerous clouds together to improve capacity, offers even more.

  • Automatic updates to your software: Software updates are scheduled behind the scenes. They do not impact your business. The automatic updates keep your software running smoothly and add patches, if needed. Upgraded features and improvements are automatic, so you do not need to remember when to update or upgrade your software.
  • Enhanced security: Those who install their own hardware, write their own software, and administer their own ERP and BI systems must also hire the staff to build, maintain, and repair systems and software. This includes security, which is a vital feature. With hacks, data breaches and other problems becoming commonplace, having the best security you can find is essential for peace of mind. Multi cloud environments offer unparalleled security and can spread the cost of security updates and upgrades over the cost of their software so that no one company foots the bill. It’s an economic and effective method of offering enhanced data security to multiple companies.
  • Automated backups: Cloud computing includes automated backups. It doesn’t matter if your computer crashes or your laptop is stolen. With automated backups, the data remains available to you along with valuable reports and other documents saved to the cloud.
  • Easier access: Multi-cloud systems can run on multiple devices simultaneously. You do not need to invest in special computers to run your new software. Any devices with an internet connection can run Acumatica Cloud ERP. This ensures easier access to everyone in your company, whether they clock into a warehouse, work from home, or travel to customer jobsites for business.
  • Saves money: Multi-cloud systems save money by offering extraordinarily complex software, better security features, data backup, maintenance and monitoring at a fraction of the cost of hosting it all yourself.

All of these benefits add up to a great advantage for companies using Acumatica Cloud ERP and mulit-cloud functions. The cloud has levelled the playing field so that small and medium-sized businesses can now benefit from the same software once only available to larger companies.

Leveraging the Cloud with InfinityHR

One such multi-cloud solution is Acumatica and InfinityHR. InfinityHR provides a complete and affordable human resources management system for Acumatica users. It offers certified integration with Acumatica systems so that you can leverage your Acumatica Cloud ERP system with enhanced HR data.

With InfinityHR, you can load Acumatica data quickly into the system for shorter, smoother ramp up time. New hires, termination and other HR events can be recorded swiftly for maximum time savings.

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