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Acumatica ERP Proves Vital for Business Continuity

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As businesses grappled with unprecedented disruption this year, those running systems such as Acumatica ERP found themselves in a better position than those without cloud-based, integrated ERP systems. Centralized data systems like Acumatica ensured business continuity when disruptions to the workforce, travel, and shipping industries became commonplace. They offer a reliable touchpoint for shared data that can be used to update employees and customers, collaborate on projects, and keep running as usual when the world is anything but routine.

Five Benefits of Acumatica ERP for Business Continuity

As you review your business continuity plans, consider adding Acumatica ERP to those plans. Why Acumatica ERP? The following five benefits may convince you of this enterprise resource planning platform’s outstanding ability to support business processes and information in the face of continued disruption.

  1. Quick disaster recovery: An essential part of business continuity planning is disaster recovery plans. With out-of-the-box accounting packages, it can take a long time to restore critical financial information if a disaster damages computers or systems. Not so with Acumatica, which can be backed up on the cloud (Acumatica Cloud ERP) or on-site. It offers fast disaster recovery and restoration of critical data in the event your systems go offline.
  2. Lower costs: Floods and tornadoes can cause costly damage to offices and computers. Fortunately, systems such as Acumatica Cloud ERP can be run on any computer with an internet connection. Log in, and you’re back up and running. You won’t need to replace expensive hardware and mainframes to run the system since it’s all backed up on the cloud.
  3. Connect to multiple locations. Another advantage of cloud ERP is its ability to bridge numerous areas without interruption. If you have a manufacturing plant in Georgia and a distribution center in Florida or Utah, all can be connected through cloud-based ERP. The business can continue operations without interruption if only one office is affected by a natural disaster.
  4. Easily add new users: Acumatica makes it simple to add new users. You can add them to Acumatica ERP with additional licenses or through the cloud program at the click of a mouse. There’s no additional software to purchase and no need for any particular computer other than a standard laptop to run the program.
  5. Enhanced security: Facing a cyberattack is a business’ worst nightmare. Systems can be shut down or users locked out, making it impossible to continue operations. Additionally, data breaches can be costly to repair. Acumatica ERP offers state-of-the-art security, including user-based logins and other safeguards to keep intruders out.

Creating a Business Continuity Plan That Includes Acumatica ERP

If your company doesn’t have a business continuity plan or it hasn’t been updated in a long time, now is the time to work on it. As we’ve seen from the past several months, it is difficult to predict what may affect business operations. A hurricane, snowstorm, or pandemic could be just on the horizon. Preparing now makes sense.

To create a business continuity plan that includes Acumatica ERP as its focal point:

  1. Identify key business areas.
  2. Identify critical functions in these areas.
  3. Connect systems in each area through Acumatica ERP.
  4. Locate backups or determine how your system is backed up (cloud systems may be backed up automatically).
  5. Identify a point person who can restore systems in an emergency.
  6. Determine acceptable downtime for each critical function area.
  7. Create a plan to maintain operations.
  8. Ensure a communications plan is in place to keep employees informed of changes during an emergency.

Systems such as Acumatica ERP provide exceptional support for the continuity of business operations. When it seems like nothing can get your business operational again, trust that your data is secure and available through Acumatica ERP. It’s a business continuity plan’s key technology solution.

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