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Acumatica Manufacturing Software Makes the CFO’s Job Easier

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Acumatica manufacturing software can make the CFO’s job a little easier. CFOs in manufacturing companies juggle many responsibilities. Not only are they accountable for the financial management of the business, but they also make recommendations for areas of business growth and opportunity.

Without the right software, a CFO can waste countless hours poring over historical records to extract just the right kernel of information needed for decision-making. Contrast that with the use of software such as Acumatica manufacturing software and ERP systems to manage, consolidate, and analyze data. Simple dashboards and reports shave hours off manual processes to streamline and automate them. CFOs become decision makers rather than number crunchers, trusted advisors and leaders in their manufacturing companies.

It starts with the right software, and Acumatica manufacturing offers a great package for your needs.

Acumatica Manufacturing ERP Software

ERP software captures information from all departments. It enables multiple data feeds to be consolidated in one dashboard, thus making reports and historical comparisons much easier than using spreadsheets.

But, for ERP software to make the CFO’s job easier–and the entire company more profitable–a few things are necessary:

  • Users must be accountable for recording transactional data immediately. They can’t wait for a convenient time to report goods received, payables, etc. Invoices must be entered promptly along with other vital accounting and financial data. Letting this information pile up on a desk somewhere in the building is just as useless as entering it into spreadsheets. If it’s not in the ERP software, it can’t be used.
  • Commitment—everyone in the organization must be committed to the change that an ERP environment brings. Data-driven decision making can seem strange at first to a team used to making decisions based on hunches and instinct.
  • Everyone must be comfortable with the level of transparency that ERP systems provide. From order information to cash on hand, the information is easily obtainable. Managers who were used to fudging things a bit can no longer do so. The CFO may love this, but others not so much!

Using ERP: What You Can Do with Acumatica Software

If you’re ready to use Acumatica manufacturing ERP, you’ll find a wealth of possibilities available to you. For example, the CFO can now analyze production planning and control capabilities. This includes critical data available with the click of a mouse.

Key metrics and KPIs can be measured easily. This enables the CFO to keep her finger on the pulse of the organization and report any variances immediately. The entire team can then act on the information.

Improved Compliance Procedures

Many manufacturers find themselves sorting through a sea of red tape, rules, and requirements. Whether you manufacture ingredients or baked goods, chemicals or pharmaceutical medications, your industry is likely to be regulated. Ensuring compliance may be part of the CFOs job, along with others on the management team.

Acumatica ERP makes it easier to keep those requirements handy. Security settings, approval processes, and reporting options can all be controlled through the ERP interface. This helps ensure compliance is less work and more cost effective.

Eliminate the Busy Work – and Get Right to Work with Acumatica

Acumatica ERP helps CFOs eliminate the busy work and get right down to work by taking the painstaking data entry and spreadsheet maintenance chores out of the equation.

Instead of spending hours gathering historical data, you can spend valuable time reviewing the data to form decisions.

As a true cloud ERP system, Acumatica makes it easier to access data anywhere, anytime, on any device. Its flexibility makes it possible to have real-time financial data. You won’t have to wait until the end of the day, week, or month to see inventory status, stock counts, progress towards KPIs and other vital information. You can now be proactive instead of reactive.

Acumatica manufacturing software makes the CFOs job easier in so many ways. As the global manufacturing environment becomes more challenging, isn’t it a relief to know that at least one part of your workday is just a little easier?

For more information on Acumatica, contact Mindover Software.

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