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Acumatica PCI Compliance Provides Businesses with Peace of Mind

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Acumatica PCI compliance can help thwart hackers and provide your business with peace of mind. PCI compliance protects valuable credit card data and helps prevent thieves from accessing it through the system.

How much is credit card data worth? According to Business Insider, hackers pay anywhere from $30 to $40 per record. That may not seem like much until you take into account that corporate data breaches provide criminals with millions of records—each of which can be resold for $30. That amount of illegal profit is enough to spur hackers on to greater lengths to grab valuable data from your system and any other system they can access.

Fortunately, Acumatica PCI compliance helps prevent such theft. Here’s how Acumatica PCI compliance helps your business.

Credit Card Data to Protect

Thieves want more than a card number and a name. There are several valuable components of a credit card record that must be protect by the merchant as well as the card holder. This includes:

  • The card holder’s name
  • The card number
  • The expiration date
  • The CID
  • Magnetic stripe information

When collecting credit card data to process payments, it is important not to store the CID data anywhere. This is the last bit that many hackers need in order to have unbridled access to a stolen card.

How Is Data Stolen?

Data thieves often steal information by exploiting often surprising ways of finding data. They don’t need to get complicated software to crack into your systems, either. Common ways in which data is stolen include:

  • Documents stored in file cabinets in your office
  • Documents thrown away but not shredded, or poorly shredded (i.e., just ripped in half)
  • Overhearing information shared on the phone or in a restaurant

And, there are more complicated methods by which thieves gather credit card data.

  • Tapping into your store or business’ wireless network
  • Listening in on orders being taken by your call center, at the counter, or in other public places

It sounds like there are too many methods by which thieves can gather data, but fortunately, many of these are under your control. You’re able to do quite a lot to protect your business and your customers and to ensure PCI compliance.

Steps to Take to Improve Data Security

First, there’s no substitute for overall strong data security policies and methods. Make sure that any wireless routers used by your business are protected by random, highly secure passwords that include numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters, and symbols.

Install a document shredder in the office and shred any paperwork that contains credit card data and personally identifiable information. Lock file cabinets and ensure security controls are in place with two people present whenever file cabinets are opened: one who needs the data and the other to ensure the data is being used properly.

Lastly, use only software that is already PCI compliant. We mentioned Acumatica PCI compliance for a good reason: it’s an integral component within Acumatica. It offers greater peace of mind and security for merchants, businesses, and others who handle sensitive data.

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