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Automate Your Business With Acumatica Business Events

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As a small to mid-sized business (SMB) operating in the 21st Century, you’re well aware that efficiently meeting customer expectations and successfully competing against larger organizations is almost impossible without automating your business processes. Implementing modern, sophisticated technology, such as cloud ERP software (which can be considered automation software) takes the management of billing, accounting, marketing, sales, customer relationship, shipping, and order management from a manual nightmare to an automated dream.

Combining the inherent agility of a smaller, more nimble business with an integrated cloud-based ERP solution that automates your business management processes is a recipe for success, but only if you choose the right ERP automation solution.

Acumatica Cloud ERP and Acumatica Business Events

Acumatica is a fully integrated cloud-based ERP solution. With Acumatica Business Events, SMBs can automate complex business processes, turning themselves into lean, mean, automated machines. In other words, SMBs become efficient, responsive, and savvy businesses.

How so?

“ERP software automates the process of order capture, inventory management, shipping, billing, and accounting. More than just automating these processes, an ERP system can integrate them so that transactions are entered once, and there is a single, consistent, current store of salient information available to all who need it,” says Acumatica CEO Jon Roskill.

Acumatica Business Events automates a variety of business scenarios. For example, instead of an employee taking the time to email or call customers to remind them of upcoming invoice due dates, an email is automatically sent. Other examples include updating (closing or reassigning) sales opportunities X days past their expected close; notifying customers when orders are ready for delivery or pick up; notifying support personnel when case SLAs are not being met; reminding customers to order if they have a quarterly budget remaining; and notifying warehouse personnel to be on the lookout for incoming shipments.

Here are a few other business automation examples:

  • Notifying clients when their organization approaches a monthly budget
  • Notifying relevant employees by email when critical processes are completed (e.g., notify an employee when a financial period is closed and when reports are to be run)
  • Notifying a purchasing manager via email when to call a vendor to ensure that ordered goods will be arriving on time

An added bonus is that the configuration of Acumatica Business Events does not require programming or customization skills. Business events in Acumatica can be generally configured by building a generic inquiry with the data to be monitored, defining how to monitor the data, defining the criteria for taking action, and building the actions to take when the trigger criteria are met. You can configure the business events based on your specific needs.

Watch this quick video to see how to use Business Event Monitoring with Acumatica.

Automating business processes through flexible, user-friendly Acumatica Business Events results in impressive benefits, such as streamlined processes, improved communication, and increased efficiency. In addition, Acumatica customers have access to Acumatica’s critical business intelligence tools, such as Power BI, Velixo, and BI360 for analyzing and translating data into forward-thinking business decisions.

Acumatica Cloud ERP: More Than Finance Software

From accounting automation and sales automation software to marketing automation tools, Acumatica, which began as finance ERP software and rapidly expanded to become a comprehensive and integrated multi-edition ERP solution, can help any SMB, in any industry, and in any location to automate their business processes.

“SMBs have always had the business acumen, innovative spirit, and energy to compete and succeed. All they needed were the tools to help them execute. Now, thanks to cloud computing, they have those tools and can compete with anyone, on any playing field.” – Acumatica CEO Jon Roskill

Acumatica’s automation software tools help SMBs face their competitors head on, and Acumatica partners, like Acumatica Gold Certified Partner Mindover Software, will help you use these tools to achieve greater efficiency, cost savings, and profitability in the new digital economy.


Guest blog provided by Muamer Hodzic, Director, Acumatica