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Boost Your Warehouse Management Efforts with Warehouse Management Software

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Technology can make or break your manufacturing or distribution operation. For years, business executives and warehouse managers have been trying to squeeze inefficiencies out of the supply chain; however, without modern technology, companies will continue to fall behind the competition. Modern technology solutions, such as warehouse management systems, are designed to automate manual processes to save warehouses time and money in the supply chain. If your company is not relying on automated processes, you are wasting valuable time (and money) in the warehouse.

Every manufacturer and distributor knows that success depends upon your ability to fulfill orders quickly and accurately. If your customers have to wait longer than necessary to receive their ordered products, they will not hesitate to look for another provider. In order to cut down on order fulfillment time and retain your customers, you will need to automate your warehouse processes and increase your efficiency.

Modern Companies Looking to Improve Warehouse Management
A recent study performed by Motorola Solutions found that 70% of C-level managers are planning on incorporating more automated processes in their warehouses by 2018, and two-thirds of survey respondents are planning to equip their warehouse workers with additional technology, including tablets, smartphones, and wireless handheld devices. In addition to these findings, Motorola Solutions found that more than three-quarters of executives are planning to invest in warehouse management solutions in the next few years.

How Does Automation Promote Efficiency in the Warehouse?
As you can see, the appeal of automation is high among manufacturers and distributors. As new technology emerges and new warehouse management strategies are unveiled, manufacturers and distributors are expected to take a more serious interest in improving their warehouse management efforts. By incorporating new technologies into the warehouse, companies can reduce the amount of time it takes to complete everyday tasks, helping to reduce overall personnel and operating costs. Full automation increases the accuracy of orders, reduces the amount of time it takes customers to receive their order, and – ultimately – improves customer satisfaction rates. With the competition so high, no one can afford to work with any less.

WMS Solutions Bring Automation to the Warehouse
Warehouse management systems (WMS) can help manufacturers and distributors achieve their dreams of automation. However, before you choose your solution, you need to have a basic idea of the capabilities you need in a WMS solution. We’ve listed a few non-negotiables below:

  • At-a-Glance Reporting: You will need instant access to important reports if you wish to improve your efficiency and effectiveness in the warehouse. Successful warehouse management requires you knowing what’s in stock and where it is located in the warehouse. Barcoding software can be added on to your warehouse management solution so you can track products as they move through the warehouse. This is make it easier to gain visibility into the warehouse and create the reports you need.
  • Inbound Scheduling: If your WMS solution does not have the ability to create and maintain delivery and pick-up schedules, than you need to start looking for another solution. Managing these schedules is critical to the success of your operation. Having an intuitive calendar within your system will keep everything running smoothly and efficiently and allow you to plan for unforeseen events.
  • Complete Transaction Management: A good WMS solution will help you manage the entire warehouse process, including receiving, picking & put-away, shipping, cycle counting, and item movement. Make sure you can track your products as they enter the warehouse, move through the warehouse, and leave the warehouse. Managing your resources properly is a must!
  • Seamless ERP Integration: Your ERP and WMS solutions must communicate in order to keep your business running. Don’t invest in a WMS solution that won’t integrate easily with your existing ERP system. Save yourself the time (and money), and invest in a solution that promises seamless integration.

Last, but certainly not least, make sure the WMS vendor is committed to warehousing and logistics. Here at Mindover Software, we know how to help you manage your warehouse. We offer a variety of warehouse management solutions, including Sage WMS and Accellos WMS, designed to help you achieve maximum efficiency. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you achieve true success!