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Business Process Automation Helps a Paperless Audit Go Smoothly

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Business process automation, or the automation of common business processes and tasks to save time, has helped many businesses improve efficiency. One area where automation can really help is in the area of a paperless audit.

As the name suggests, a paperless audit is a business audit using electronic documents rather than paper-based receipts. Retailers, for example, may conduct quarterly audits to ensure their accounts and receipts match. In years past, auditors traveled onsite to the business and reconciled reams of register tape with the account books, an exhausting task. Today, a paperless audit can be conducted in the comfort and convenience of the auditor’s offices and accomplish the same goals.

Paperless audits use technology such as DocLink from Altec to streamline business process automation. Curious? We have a recorded webinar you can watch at your convenience showing how Sage 300 works with DocLink for business process automation. In it, you’ll learn more about how the systems work together to save time and improve efficiency.

5 Benefits of a Paperless Audit and Business Process Automation

A paperless audit conducted through automation offers many benefits.

  1. Saves time: When documents have been scanned using a system like DocLink, it’s easier to find them when needed. Managers and auditors can find the documents they need quickly and easily using the search function in the system.
  2. Reliable: DocLink offers not just the document but the document history, so you can see who entered it into the system, who accessed it, and any other information germane to the document itself. This is invaluable for the auditing process.
  3. Money saving: Auditors may charge additional fees to work onsite. By delivering all the necessary documents electronically, you may be able to save money. Additionally, you’ll save on office supplies such as paper and toner by avoiding all the printing that accompanies a traditional audit. That’s not a small thing, either—office supplies can really add up!
  4. Increased accessibility: If the auditors need to share documents with an additional party, they can do so easily—and you’ll have a record of who reviewed the documents in the system.
  5. Faster turnaround: By making it easier for the auditors to access documents, they may be able to work more quickly and provide faster turnaround of your audit.

Going Paperless? Business Process Automation Is the Key

If these benefits appeal to you, then business process automation and going paperless are great first steps.

If you’re moving into business process automation, the first step is to identify repetitive tasks that are easy to automate. Document manage is definitely on the list. How much time does your team spend printing, filing, and looking up documents? All this can be accomplished quickly and efficiently from a computer with software like DocLink from Altec.

Once you’ve chosen the process to automate, work with the team who will be using the process and software the most to document the process. Documentation is an important step to full business process automation. When a process is document, it is much easier to replicate as well as train newcomers to the company on how to follow the procedure.

Lastly, conduct your own review of the business process automation system several weeks or months after it has been initiated. Examine whether or not the process is working well for everyone and, if not, what can be done to improve it.

Business process automation can save considerable time, money, and effort. It is especially useful for a paperless audit. If you’re interested in taking the first steps towards full business process automation, speak with the consultants at Mindover Software.

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