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Before You Buy, Get to Know Your New ERP System

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Purchasing a new ERP system for your company can be overwhelming and exciting. There’s so much to learn about a new system and it seems like every feature, from reporting to system integrations, can be the most important piece to figure out first.

As you look at various ERP systems, think about how it fits into your company’s plans and goals. With the right pre-planning, you’ll be able to obtain the maximum benefits from your ERP system.

If purchasing a new ERP system is on the horizon, contact Mindover Software or call us directly at 512-990-3994.

Does the ERP System Align with Strategic Plans?

Consider how the new ERP solution will help you align department objectives with strategic plans. Review the annual, five and ten year growth plans and ask yourself if the solution will scale as you grow. As your company expands with people and services, your ERP system will need to grow with it.

One of the features you can look for in a scalable ERP system is Cloud ERP. Any ERP system that operates in the cloud allows you to easily add more users as you grow. Additional modules such as Financial Reporting, HCM and CRM systems can be added to cloud based ERP solutions so that you can better achieve overall growth goals.

Create Data Policies and Guidelines Before Implementation

ERP systems can only produce reliable reports when the data entered into them is accurate. To ensure clean data, it is important to create data guidelines. Data dictionaries define the information to be entered into each field, while data policies structure access, updates, and use. Waiting until there are problems or questions about the data is waiting too long. It’s difficult to fix data once it’s been corrupted by poor entries. The faster you take charge of data entry, the better the final results will be.

Write Out Your Processes

Written processes can seem like a waste of time but they are essential to good data management. Take the time now to write down the process for training on the new ERP system, data entry, data management, reports, updates and so on. The goal is to document all of the steps you need to take in each action so that they can be easily replicated later on as new people come into the company.

Provide Thorough Training

Even if you’ve purchased an intuitive system like Sage ERP or Acumatica ERP, which are generally easy for newcomers to learn how to use, an enterprise resource planning system may be new to many people in your company. Schedule training for everyone who will interact with the system. Ensure that adequate time can be given to training. It’s easy to shrug off training when other demands press on already strained schedules, but training, especially as the new software gets underway, is essential.

Choose an In-House Expert

Another aspect of training is to select someone from your team to be the resident expert in the new system. This person can be the go-to individual for questions later on. Such a person does not have to be from the IT department but can simply be a ‘power user’ or someone who uses the system daily. They should receive dedicated and detailed training from the vendor so that they can answer most questions immediately.

Measure the Return on Investment

After launching your new ERP system, measure the outcomes derived from its use. Quantifying time and effort saved may be difficult at first, but anything you can measure and quantify can be used to assess the return on investment of your ERP project.

Choosing an ERP System

Choosing an ERP system takes time and effort, but the right system for your company can save you so much time and effort that the initial investment is worthwhile.

Watch our recorded webinar, “10 Tips for Smarter ERP System Selection” and find out how to evaluate and compare ERP systems based on your needs.

ERP Solutions To Look At

Sage ERP 100 ERP offers time-saving tools for small to mid-sized businesses that put the power of data and analytics at your fingertips. Accounting, finance, distribution, sales, marketing and customer relationship management can all be part of this robust system that offers immediate real-time access to valuable company data.

Acumatica Cloud ERP  helps you unlock the potential within your business. It lets you control and customize dashboards and many other features so that you can create the ERP system you need for maximum impact.

When you’re ready to discuss ERP systems, contact Mindover Software. Mindover Software provides business software and solutions to companies big and small. Cloud applications from Acumatica and Sage provide companies of all sizes with powerful data management and business insights. We welcome your inquiry and can assist you with your ERP, BI, and warehouse management software needs. Contact us

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