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Calculate the ROI of Your Cloud Accounting Software

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Cloud accounting software offers many advantages. Investing in new cloud accounting software makes sense now, more than ever. With so many companies encouraging telecommuting to keep workers safe, few rely on on-premises software for their accounting needs.

Acumatica cloud ERP offers more than an accounting package. It offers a comprehensive financial reporting system that enables you to develop action plans focused on business insights. It tracks finances, of course, but it also adds a powerful engine to grow your business.

Why Choose Cloud ERP?

The (TEI) of Acumatica is a study conducted by the independent objective consulting firm Forrester. It cites the many benefits experienced by Acumatica customers. These include:

  • 15% improvement in gross margins
  • 15% increase in sales volume
  • 45% increase in employee productivity

These results are impressive, but not the end of the story. The Forrester report goes on to say that a “composite organization based on these interviewed organizations would experience benefits of $3.5 million over three years versus costs of $2.1 million, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $1.4 million and an ROI of 66%.” The study also noted that the payback period for investing in Acumatica’s cloud-based ERP solution is 16 months.

Given that this is an Acumatica-based study, you might be a bit skeptical of these numbers. But the study did look at what was going on in each company prior to adding Acumatica to their software suite. Before companies adopted Acumatica, they faced challenges that kept them from growing. Each company faced different challenges with some stuck with legacy solutions, fragmented solutions, or no ERP solution at all. These systems caused problems by reducing efficiency, causing communications disruptions, or slowing down processes that made their companies seem outdated.

The companies in the study found success by switching to a cloud-based ERP solution. The criteria that they used to choose the solution included:

  • Minimal customization required—the system had to do what was needed right from the start
  • Fast and easy implementation
  • An affordable licensing model
  • Cloud-based system

Acumatica met and exceeded requirements.

Acumatica Provides Excellent ERP ROI

The commissioned study, a free download conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Acumatica, provides a comprehensive and thorough analysis of the benefits the composite organization received. It was based on the information gathered from customers they interviewed. These benefits have been experienced by many Acumatica customers who choose Acumatica based on pricing, aggressive development, and user-friendliness.

Acumatica customers can expect to reap the following benefits from implementation:

  • Reduced technology costs
  • Dramatically increased functionality
  • Rise in organic traffic
  • Accurate inventory
  • One version of financial truth in real time
  • Faster decision making
  • Employees using Acumatica instead of workarounds
  • Lower operating costs
  • Seamless connection to third-party applications
  • Effective marketing

If you’re ready to see how Acumatica can benefit your company, it’s time to call Mindover Software. We can help you select and implement Acumatica so that you’re up and running quickly. Call us at 512-990-3994.








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