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What You Can Expect from Sage 300 2018

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Sage 300 2018In August 2017, popular ERP software creator, Sage, gave Sage 300 enhanced features along with a brand new look in its Sage 300 2018 release. The newest build boasts a brand new version of the desktop with modernized screens throughout. But that’s not all it has in store for users. Here’s a look at what to expect with Sage 300 2018.

The Big Sage 300 Improvements

Sage has a history of taking customer feedback into account when building improvements into new software. They focus on user experience, making design changes only when it makes sense to do so. Here’s a rundown of the big changes you can expect with 2018:

  • Both classic and web versions available and running in parallel: Each person in your company can choose the interface they like best. You don’t all need to be on the same interface; the person at the desk next to you can choose classic while you choose the latest web interface.
  • Microsoft Office 365 integration: The new connected ecosystem includes Sage Contacts Dashboards so that you can include contacts in one place.
  • Improved ad hoc inquiry: The web user interface enables ad hoc inquiries.
  • Customized folder structure and multiple browser support: More flexibility and customization is built right into your system.
  • Export declarations field: A new field in the tax tab of the A/R and O/E Invoice Entry Screens lets you enter an export declarations number right into the field. This is a requirement for some countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, and having the declarations number right in the system is a big help for many companies.

Special Updates for Sage 300 Classic

Classic lovers, don’t despair: These updates simply refresh the streamlined system that makes Sage 300 so popular.

The major update to the Sage 300 classic screens involves the visual process and workflows, which has been enhanced for improved ease of use when following on screen. Redesigned buttons also make information easier to find and access. Instead of menus and toolbars, the desktop now boasts a ribbon, another feature aimed at making information easier to find. Finally, visual process flows include new themes.

Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting

This latest Sage 300 2018 update includes Intelligence Reporting. With these improved reports, users are empowered to make better business decisions.

Features of Sage 300

The basic features of Sage 300 aren’t changing. What’s changing is mainly user interface, redesigning the program so that it is easier than ever for customers to navigate and access the site.

You have options. Choose between Basic, Standard, and Advanced editions of Sage 300 to find exactly what you need from your ERP software package. Sage software allows you to run your business your way. Accounting modules, CRM, HRMS, and others can add the precise functions you need so you can use one Sage-based platform for all your business tasks. For more on how to best utilize all of Sage 300’s features for your business, be sure to check out our Sage 300 Tips and Tricks.

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