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Sage 300

How to Use Provisional Posting in Sage 300

in: Company News, Sage 300 ERP Tips and Tricks, Sage 300 ERP

In this tutorial, we are going to review how to use provisional posting to test the effects of changes on the general ledger before posting actual amounts permanently. This is particularly useful when needing to make month- or year-end adjustments, yet first wanting to make sure you have entered all transactions needed before posting. For […]

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How to Process a Debit Adjustment in Acumatica

in: Company News, Acumatica, Acumatica Tips and Tricks

In this tutorial, we will learn how to process a debit adjustment in three simple steps. First, we will create the debit adjustment, then release the debit adjustment, and finally, apply the debit adjustment to a bill. In our example scenario, we have received a vendor’s credit memo giving a $20 discount on a bill. […]

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use of business intelligence

Three Ways to Use Business Intelligence to Improve Cash Flow

in: Business Intelligence, Company News

Did you know that you can use business intelligence to improve your company’s cash flow? The use of business intelligence is common in many industries but using it for the specific purpose of improving cash flow may not be well known. Here’s how your business intelligence system can help you get paid on time, almost […]

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compare home health care software

Seven Tips to Compare Home Health Care Software

in: Company News, Home Health Care

When you need to compare home health care software, having a set of guidelines to help you sort through the many features and benefits can be of great assistance. A good home health care software system provides essential support for many of your agency’s needs—accounting, billing, inventory, and more. With the right software, you’ll have […]

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Acumatica Tips & Tricks

Using the Quick Process Action in Acumatica Sales Orders

in: Company News, Acumatica, Acumatica Tips & Tricks

In this tutorial, we are going to explore the Quick Process function in Acumatica. We will answer what it is and how it can be used. Start Acumatica and navigate to Sales Orders. Here we have a sales order with 3 stock items and one non-stock item. The non-stock item is marked as requiring shipment. […]

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ERP Best Practices

Year-End ERP Best Practices

in: Company News, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Acumatica

ERP best practices include many things, but data cleanup is one that’s rarely talked about. It’s not as attention-getting as cyber security, but it merits the attention of business owners. Why? Because data lies at the heart of a good ERP system. If the data isn’t clean, the information provided by the system can be […]

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ERP for Small Business

3 Trends in ERP for Small Business

in: Company News, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

It’s fun to look at predictions for the coming year and then look back to see which ones were correct and which didn’t pan out. We have a few predictions of our own, including the following 2022 trends in ERP for small business. Let’s look at several ways in which ERP for small business is […]

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Inventory Control

9 Common Inventory Control Problems—and Solutions

in: Company News, Manufacturing Solutions

Inventory control problems are a normal part of business, but it seems as if lately, many global issues are compounding them. NBC News reported in October 2021 that retailers are struggling due to inventory shortages of common shipping and packaging materials: plastic, paper, cardboard. With many ports in the United States backed up due to labor shortages […]

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cloud ERP

Cloud ERP Security Considerations

in: Company News, Cloud Computing

Which cloud ERP security considerations are at the top of your mind? What should you be asking your cloud ERP service provider? Many companies have relaxed strict security policies as workers telecommuted during the pandemic. Even if you were one such company, now is the time to tighten cybersecurity policies. According to some sources: Worldwide cybercrime […]

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Sage 300 Tips & Tricks

Creating a General Ledger Control Account in Sage 300

in: Company News, Sage 300 ERP Tips and Tricks, Sage 300 ERP

For various reasons it may become necessary to control what transactions can post to an account. This can be achieved by making a general ledger account a control account. In this example, we will work through the steps to create a general ledger control account in Sage 300. Sage 300 General Ledger Start Sage 300 […]

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