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Multi-Modal Manufacturing

Achieve Seamless Multi-Modal Manufacturing with Acumatica

in: Company News, Acumatica, Manufacturing Solutions

In recent years, many manufacturers have become interested in implementing a multi-modal approach to their business. If you share this interest, then you may be asking questions about how your ERP would handle such an approach. Do you need more than one ERP? Can your existing system handle the transition and complexity of multi-modal manufacturing? […]

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smart retail concept A store's manager can check what data of real time insights into shelf status which report on a tablet from artificial intelligence(ai) smart robot while scanning goods and price

5 Ways AI Gives You an Edge in Your Inventory Management

in: Company News, Manufacturing Solutions

Inventory management is one of the most challenging aspects of running an inventory-based business. When businesses manage inventory using spreadsheets or other outdated systems, it makes everything more difficult for both employees and customers. This problem is compounded by the recent supply chain crisis that has pushed companies to implement more stable and flexible inventory […]

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AI in the Warehouse

AI in the Warehouse: A Tool, Not a Threat

in: Company News, Warehouse Management|Warehouse Management System (WMS), Manufacturing Solutions

There is nothing new about AI in the warehouse. In 1956, the first industrial robot could move materials up to 12 feet. Robots of the next generation were confined to industrial manufacturing. Today, we have progressed from giant robotic arms to small robots that move material across warehouses. The latest innovations in artificial intelligence will […]

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people at computers with supply chain software overlay to represent supply chain management

The Future of Supply Chain Management: Cloud SCM

in: Company News, Manufacturing Solutions, Distribution

It is clear to see that the pandemic economy has negatively impacted supply chain management. At the same time, companies have become more focused on customer needs. Today, distributors have the technology to anticipate customer needs and even influence their purchasing decisions based on a plethora of available data. The trick, it seems, is to […]

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Reshoring concept. Local production. Factories companies come home. Increased protectionism. Local production self-sufficiency. Automated supply chain. Avoid production chain disruption for Warehouse and Distribution

Moving Manufacturing Onshore and the Impact on Wholesale Distributors

in: Company News, Manufacturing Solutions, Distribution

The location of your company’s warehouse and distribution center plays an important role in your firm’s ability to ship goods easily and quickly. With so many global uncertainties—catastrophic weather events, political instability, fresh outbreaks of COVID-19—many manufacturing companies have chosen to move their warehouse and distribution centers back onshore. Wholesale distributors are facing many challenges, […]

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warehouse background with global overlay showing routes between points to represent supply chain routes

Implementing Supply Chain Automation for Faster, Better Business

in: Company News, Manufacturing Solutions

Everyone thinks they know what implementing supply chain automation means. The usual definition is applying technology to the supply chain to automate certain functions. However, implementing supply chain automation includes many changes throughout the supply chain. Automation can include: Project planning Raw materials sourcing Manufacturing Delivery Warehouse, inventory, returns Supply chain automation is also not […]

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Technical Specialties and job shop conceptual with welder working on parts.

The Benefits of ERP for Job Shops

in: Company News, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Solutions

ERP for job shops may not be top of mind, but it can go a long way toward helping your company schedule jobs efficiently. Many job shop specialty manufacturers use separate accounting programs to handle their finances or use spreadsheets. It’s basic, and it works, but such businesses could improve efficiency by using ERP for […]

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Technology Platform in a Modern Business World

Supply Chain Management Best Practices: Repair, Restore, and Secure Your Supply Chain

in: Company News, Manufacturing Solutions, Distribution

What do companies like Bristol-Myers, 3M, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, and General Mills have in common? Gartner recently cited them in their annual rankings of supply chain management best practices. The annual Supply Chain Top 25 recognizes leaders in supply chain management and cites best practices as well as emerging trends. Small to mid-sized businesses […]

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Inventory Control

9 Common Inventory Control Problems—and Solutions

in: Company News, Manufacturing Solutions

Inventory control problems are a normal part of business, but it seems as if lately, many global issues are compounding them. NBC News reported in October 2021 that retailers are struggling due to inventory shortages of common shipping and packaging materials: plastic, paper, cardboard. With many ports in the United States backed up due to labor shortages […]

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cloud manufacturing

5 Productivity Benefits of Cloud Manufacturing Software

in: Company News, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Cloud Computing, Manufacturing Solutions

There are many benefits derived from adding cloud manufacturing ERP software to your company. As manufacturers continue to face unprecedented challenges and disruptions to the global supply chain, having cloud manufacturing ERP systems can make a big difference to your company’s success. What Is Cloud Manufacturing? Cloud manufacturing combines the Internet of Things, supply chain management, and […]

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