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Choosing a Home Health Care Software System: Tips for Success

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Choosing a home health care software system can be challenging. Home health care agencies often face complex billing situations, for example, which require an accounting system that can handle multiple services in one bill, time tracking entered from offsite, and hourly billing. Add to this medical insurance billing codes and other unique aspects of a home health care software system and you’ll see why it’s essential to work with a software vendor such as Mindover Software to find a system that works for your agency.

Hours Wasted on Payroll and Billing

Timesheets kept on paper forms require multiple steps to process. First, the employee needs to update the information. Then, they must submit it to the accounting department on time. Next, an employee must manually enter it into the system, reconcile the hours, and generate payroll information. How many hours do you waste on manual payroll, billing, and accounting each month?

A home health care software system that includes accounting and payroll functions can save you a lot of time. By having employees enter their hours directly into the system, you can generate payroll, pay taxes, and do more in less time using the software. It’s a great time saver for your business.

Paper-Based Record-Keeping Makes Audits a Nightmare

The home health care industry faces additional challenges: audits. If you’re keeping your records using antiquated paper-based systems, you’re setting yourself up for a nightmare if you face an audit. Because of regulatory oversight, home health care agencies must keep accurate and secure records. Manual data entry, spreadsheets, and paper-based record keeping can lead to mistakes which can be costly.

Instead, switching to a home health care software system ensures all your records are secure and kept in one place. If your business is ever audited, you can generate reports and information from one system without searching through files and stacks of paper.

Small Business Accounting Software Can’t Cope

The average small business accounting software wasn’t made for a home healthcare agency. The complexities of record keeping, payroll, and invoicing can quickly overtax even the best out-of-the-box accounting solution intended for the average small business.

As your home healthcare agency expands, the added challenges of multiple locations, dozens of employees, and more clients can quickly overwhelm the average software package. Adding spreadsheets may be a temporary stopgap, but soon you will find yourself spending more time manually entering information into spreadsheets and coping with formulas, charts, and graphs. The hours spent working on spreadsheets quickly add up and could be saved with the right home health care software.

The Benefits of Integrated Home Health Care Software

A key phrase to remember when you’re shopping for a home health care software system is “integrated system.” An integrated system helps you keep track of more than just one aspect of accounting, such as payroll. It helps you track customer and patient records, human resources information, inventory and supplies, accounts receivable and payable, and much more.

Newer, cloud-based home health software also enables your employees to input their information from the patient’s home or on the road in between visits. Let’s say you have an LPN that makes three home-based visits per day. That LPN enters their hours, travel time, supplies used during the visit, and updates the patient record, all from their handheld tablet. It’s a huge time saver and ensures the information is updated immediately in your system.

Cloud-based home health care software systems use a network of internet-connected servers to save, share, and store data seamlessly. Anywhere you have an internet signal, you can use cloud-based systems. They can save your home health care agency a great deal of time and paperwork.

Another great benefit of cloud-based home health care software systems is the ease of reporting. Instead of figuring out how to create reports on spreadsheets from scratch, click on a button, and generate the report you need. It’s a huge time saver.

The time and effort saved, along with enhanced real-time information and better reports, are all great reasons to add home health care software to your agency.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are two stories from actual home health care agencies that have implemented integrated home health care software systems and enjoyed the many benefits.

Mays Housecall Home Health Group Saves Time

Mays Housecall Home Health Group provides a wide range of services through 25 entities in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. Mays used several back-office systems, including Excel spreadsheets, a clinical software program for patient management, and Sage 300 for business needs. The three software systems together were cumbersome and didn’t work as well as the organization hoped.

The biggest challenge Mays faced was finding information and producing reports. Mays asked Mindover Software, their Sage reseller, for help. Mindover recommended two modules: Renovofyi and Orchid’s Inter Entity. Once implemented, Mays was able to generate the financial reports they needed quite quickly. What used to take the company employees a week to produce now takes 30 minutes.

Additionally, the general ledger can now be shared between the software platforms, making information easier to find and use. Reconciliation of accounts across multiple companies is also faster and easier than before.

Lastly, the new modules have enabled Mays to process cash transactions efficiently, something they lacked before. Weekly transactions, cash flow reports, and other options now make this part of the business consistent throughout all Mays’ locations and departments.

Sage 300 was the right integrated accounting system for Mays. It just needed a few expert tweaks and additions to make it work the way the company needed it. Mindover Software had the experience to recommend the right modules to helps Mays meet and overcome their accounting challenges.

Bethany Home Healthcare

Bethany Home Healthcare of Fort Worth, Texas, provides both home health services and patient education for families. Founded in 2002, the company has now grown to 16 locations throughout the Fort Worth area and serves hundreds of families.

Bethany began with a small business accounting software package but quickly ran into its limitations for the home healthcare industry. The system couldn’t handle the expansion of the company and kept crashing. Processing payroll for over 1,000 employees was a nightmare of time and effort, often taking a week to run and five employees working on it. The time and effort spent just to run their basic business accounting were exhausting and wasteful.

Bethany Home Healthcare contacted Mindover Software after conducting its initial due diligence on integrated accounting systems (also called ERP systems). Mindover’s team quickly realized that Bethany already had a partial solution installed: Sage 300 ERP.

Although Bethany had Sage 300 ERP, it hadn’t been fully implemented. Mindover’s team was able to fix the problems and finish the implementation so payroll could be run efficiently through Sage 300. As a result, Bethany was able to cut the cost of running payroll down by 200%. It was a considerable time and cost saver for the home healthcare agency.

Paying vendors also took time. With Sage 300, Bethany was able to shave the time it took to sort, process, and pay multiple vendors down from 1.5 days of manually sorting and processing invoices to a 15-minute automated process.

Additional challenges awaited, however. It was tough for Bethany to help their staff overcome their initial resistance to change. Training and support from Mindover Software was an integral part of that process. Bethany’s leadership team felt Mindover’s staff went above and beyond the training required to help everyone embrace Sage 300.

By helping Bethany Home Healthcare use what they already had installed, Mindover Software eased their concerns, saved them money and time, and enabled them to streamline their business so they could become more efficient in back-office processes. Because Mindover understood the home healthcare business and knew how Sage could support it, they were able to pinpoint solutions immediately and help Bethany use them. It was a successful project that helped support the next phase of growth for Bethany Home Healthcare.

Are You Ready for an Integrated Accounting System?

These success stories are only part of the big picture. Many home healthcare agencies around the country are discovering the power of an integrated accounting system or an ERP that can help them manage back-office operations and improve efficiency.

Generating payroll, updating record-keeping, invoicing clients, and paying bills doesn’t have to be tedious and time-consuming. With the right automated system, your home healthcare agency can improve its office tasks too.

Learn more about Sage 300 from Mindover Software. We welcome your inquiry and are here to help you with Sage 300 implementation or other software needs. Please contact us at or call 512-990-3994.


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