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Choosing the Right Document Management Solution for your ERP software

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Over the past couple weeks, we have taken a closer look at document management solutions. We have covered everything from the importance of going paperless to defining what it is and why it should be of strong consideration. Most recently, we took a look at the many benefits of document management solutions and how they integrate with ERP software solutions to make finding and reporting data easier than ever. Please review this information before moving on to choosing a document management solution because in order to take full advantage of a paperless solution, you need to wholly understand document management.

If you are now ready to implement document management, these tips are for you. They will help you know what considerations to put into choosing the right document management solution and will help you get started with going paperless by explaining three common spots to start the process.

Considerations to Make before Selecting a Document Management Solution:

The following questions and considerations will help you be able to more easily evaluate and appreciate how the right document management system can be tailored to your organization to make business processes swifter, more efficient, and more productive. They will guide you in the important selection process.

You will need to sit down with your team to determine what your specific priorities are in finding a solution, but let’s walk through some key considerations before you commit to any single vendor. Think carefully during the decision process to ensure that you will be reducing the most amount of stress that you can for every person in your company through document management. This includes considering every department and all tasks that are done throughout the business. More efficiency will equate to more work done at less effort and will, therefore, reap you the most benefits.

Here are some considerations when choosing a document management solution:

  • Is the document management solution fully integrated with your ERP software?
  • Does the solution respect the integrity of the core software application?
  • How extensible and scalable is the solution?
  • Is your ERP Customer Account Manager or Sage software reseller involved?
  • Are you provided references to call and offered site visits?
  • Is the total cost of ownership stated up front? How self-sufficient will your organization be with the solution?
  • How tight is the security?
  • How much is reasonable to pay?

Where to Start Once you Have a Document Management Solution:

So, where do you begin once you have a document management solution in place that integrates with your ERP software? Here are three obvious spots you can start going paperless in and save yourself a headache:

  1. Invoices: Chances are that your business prints out invoices, folds them up, and mails them out. How much time does that take, in addition to paper and postage costs? You can replace these physical copies with electronic ones; just email them!
  2. Receivables: Digitize any shipping documents, packing slips, and other supporting documents to your receivables to associate with the appropriate invoice in your ERP system. That way, information can be easily retrieved and a clear audit trail seen.
  3. Vendor payments: Instead of cutting a physical check to send in the mail to a vendor, why not switch to sending electronic funds? Associated documents can be converted into electronic files. Vendors will like the instantaneous payment, and you don’t have to worry about checks getting lost in the mail.

Contact Mindover Software to find out more about the document management solution we offer called Doc-Link. We are also happy to help you start the process of implementing this powerful document management solution. Start the New Year right with less stress and more organization through a document management solution.