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Cloud-Based Accounting Systems Offer Excellent Flexibility

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Cloud-based accounting systems such as Acumatica ERP offer excellent flexibility so you can adapt the system to your business—not the other way around. Many software packages provide a rigid setup that’s difficult to customize, resulting in expensive outsourcing to get the right workflow in the system or the exact reports you need.

Not so with Acumatica. Instead, it’s a system that offers users the ability to customize many aspects. With such a flexible approach to cloud-based accounting systems, it’s no wonder Acumatica is one of the most popular ERP systems for small to mid-sized businesses.

Cloud-Based Accounting Systems: An Adaptable Platform

Cloud-based accounting systems offer an adaptable platform for users. An adaptable platform provides a versatile, easily customized system. Cloud and mobile technology enables users to log in from anywhere there’s an internet connection and experience the same system regardless of which device or location they use.

Another bonus of an adaptable platform is its ability to seamlessly integrate with other software. Common APIs, or languages that help programs “speak” to one another, mean multiple systems can connect and share information. This ensures your business has the right software to meet its productivity goals. You aren’t locked into using only software from your accounting or ERP software vendor. The cloud-based accounting system you choose should work with multiple packages that fit your needs, your goals, and your company.

Adaptable Platforms Offer Many Benefits

Adaptable cloud-based accounting systems offer users many benefits. These benefits include:

  1. Limitless applications: You can connect multiple applications through the cloud. As your business grows, expands, and changes, you can choose the right software for your needs and add it to the base package.
  2. Adding users: Many ERP and cloud-based accounting systems charge by the user. Others do not. Adaptable platforms allow for unlimited users and the ability to track user actions. You don’t pay for licenses you don’t use, and you don’t have to worry about seasonal shifts in personnel when adding more people requires updating your license agreement.
  3. Mobility: Adaptable platforms allow you to access your accounting system wherever you are and with whatever device is handy. All you need is a secure internet connection and your login information.
  4. Easy Access: Information can be accessed easily through cloud-based accounting systems. Retrieving information takes only seconds, and information through shared systems should also be very fast. This means less frustration, better data, and happier employees and customers.
  5. Customizable dashboards: An adaptable platform enables you to create a dashboard based on roles. Accounting team members probably access different information than the marketing team, and their dashboards can be customized to suit their needs.

Acumatica Offers Adaptable, Flexible Systems

The software you choose depends on your company and its needs. One thing we know for sure is Acumatica offers one of the most flexible and adaptable systems on the market.

Its open architecture means many companies have built applications which work well with it, enabling you to choose from a variety of add-on applications to enhance business productivity.

Acumatica integrates accounting, a business management suite, and CRM system into one, providing you with a powerful tool to manage your finances, business needs, sales, and marketing. And, while cloud platforms are the most adaptable, Acumatica customers can choose from cloud or site-based systems, depending on what they need.

If you would like a free consultation, please contact Mindover Software at 512-990-3994. We can help you choose from among the many accounting and ERP packages available to find the right one for your business needs.

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