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Cloud Manufacturing Helps Businesses Stay Open Despite Disruptions

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Cloud manufacturing has helped many businesses stay open despite the ongoing disruptions in the very fabric of society. No matter where your business is located, it seems as if every place has seen its share of closures, protests, and other problems.

Manufacturing—Always Uncertain

Even before the events of 2020 made everything so uncertain, experts predicted the continued risk for disruption for manufacturers. Policy decisions (like the trade wars with China), the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent shutdowns, and social disruption have made it difficult for many manufacturers to continue business as usual.

According to Deloitte, job availability dropped from 22,000 jobs per month in 2018 to an average of only 6,000 jobs per month in 2019. At the same time, market value was predicted to rise from $38.72B in 2018 to $111.9B by 2024.

The future of manufacturing has never been certain. Changes are always forcing manufacturers to adapt. Manufacturers, years ago, had to adapt to changes like new machinery, the assembly line, and more. Today, manufacturers must find ways to continue conducting business even when their teams are working remotely. Cloud manufacturing makes this easier.

Cloud Manufacturing: Flexible During Times of Crisis

helps businesses remain flexible to address the constantly changing marketplace and conditions during times of crisis.

Such systems aren’t just for operations and finance. They can be used for everything from data storage to management and processing. And unlike older stand-alone systems, cloud systems are accessible over the internet. That means they’re easy to access and use whether you are at home connecting on a laptop or at work connecting from your usual work terminal.

Fast Deployment

Another benefit of cloud manufacturing systems is that they can be rolled out much faster than stand-alone systems. There’s no need to purchase costly hardware. Simply run cloud manufacturing programs right from any internet-connected device.

Move Past Outdated Infrastructure

This fast deployment is often a big selling point for manufacturers looking to move beyond outdated systems. Manufacturers can’t remain idle while new software is implemented. They need a system that gets them back online—and working—quickly. Thanks to cloud manufacturing, there’s little downtime before the new system is available and working.

Cloud Manufacturing as a Strategic Decision

Shifting manufacturing software to the cloud isn’t a technology decision. It’s a shift in strategic direction for the company. It gives you the agility, speed, and insight you need. Manufacturers focused on moving forward past this time of crisis should consider the cloud for many reasons, including:

  • Enhanced attention to quality: Cloud software makes it easier to communicate about manufacturing defects and problems. Problematic suppliers can be identified, batches marked, and products examined, with the data collected and analyzed in the system itself. It can be used to improve attention to detail and quality.
  • Shorter cycle times: Cycle times can be shortened thanks to the data cloud manufacturing produces. Once you know your current benchmark, you can take steps to shorten cycle times.
  • Supply chain visibility: Cloud manufacturing can scale across networks. This means greater supply chain visibility. Such systems are good at catching quality problems early and save manufacturers money.
  • Improve inventory management: The availability of real-time data ensures better inventory management. It reduces over- and under-ordering and enables both LIFO and FIFO inventory management.
  • Mobile support. No matter whether workers are on the assembly floor, in the field, or working remotely from home, they can access vital information from anywhere with a laptop or mobile device.

Manufacturers must constantly adapt and change to remain competitive. And, while times are uncertain, when are they ever certain? In the past, companies have faced economic upheavals, wars, and tariffs. Today, we face a pandemic, social unrest, and other problems. The secret to those manufacturers who survive and thrive is their approach to problem solving. A flexible mindset, combined with the right strategy and tools to achieve the strategy, can help businesses survive and even thrive post-crisis.

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