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CRM Trends to Watch

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Are you using a customer relationship management (CRM) system to manage your customer interactions and data? If not, you should probably start consider your need for a CRM solution. CRM systems have come a long way from their days of origination. Today’s CRM software systems are now fully capable of tracking complex marketing campaigns and monitoring customer relationships to improve customer retention rates. CRM software is also proficient in tracking important customer information and ensuring that employees have the data they need to meet customer expectations.

The software, however, is not what brings companies success in customer relationship management; the strategy is what brings about true success. Every company knows that without an effective CRM strategy, CRM software will only do you so much good. What businesses fail to realize, however, is that in order to maintain an effective strategy, you need to embrace technology trends and alter your business structure.

The following trends will affect the business market (and the future of CRM software) in a big way throughout the coming year. Make sure that you address these trends in your current CRM strategy to ensure CRM success:

  • Social CRM. Social CRM has been a big buzzword for the past year or so. Social CRM is making big strides and is effectively monitoring the interactions between companies and customers via social media. Companies can learn a lot from Social CRM and incorporating social media trends into your CRM strategy could benefit your company in the long run.While they are constantly making improvement to Social CRM, consider adopting this trend. It will not only provide you with beneficial knowledge regarding your customers and how they perceive you on social media, but it will also build business value.
  • Mobile Apps. Mobile applications (apps) are exploding in the business world. Researchers are seeing employees and customers alike using these apps at unforeseen rates. Modern CRM systems are defined by their ability to make mobile a viable part of the CRM strategy. Mobile CRM not only improves the business, but it improves customer interactions. Modern CRM systems will be realigned and the entire system will be more targeted to address mobile trends in the business world.
  • Collaboration with Other Business Systems. Joining together CRM with ERP and Business Intelligence (BI) is a trend that is here to stay. Companies are realizing the benefits of aligned business systems and are experiencing higher productivity rates as a result. Collaboration between your CRM and ERP system will provide you with all of the information you need and enhance business communication.

For more information regarding CRM trends, stay tuned to our blog. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of integrating your CRM solution with your ERP software system, download our whitepaper, “Four Ways Integrated CRM-ERP Solutions Improve Productivity”.