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Data Security Considerations for your Sage Software and Data

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Over the course of the last several weeks, we have looked closely at data security and desktop management. First, we looked at the issues facing us in the world of data security including what is being targeted within and outside of your Sage software, what makes securing data difficult, and what this means for your company. Then, we discovered what desktop management does and how it plays an important role in securing company computers and software. Last week, we explored ongoing activities your business needs to carry out in the cycle of securing and monitoring data and components that help you achieve data security for your financial software and so much more. To learn more about this, visit here.

Now that the threat and issues of unsecure data and what needs to be done to reduce them through desktop management and ongoing monitoring are more clear, let’s take a closer look at why data security is such a hot topic worth your company’s consideration and what factors deserve consideration.

Current Data Security Trends

  • There is more data spread over more repositories and software than ever before.
  • The hackers of the past are now motivated by the challenge and potential large scale impact their attacks can have on today’s business and Information Intelligence industries. There is a motivation in this criminal enterprise that is also highly motivated by profit, and this makes the threat more real and profound today than simple mischief and curiosity in past attacks.
  • It is becoming harder to track and prevent abuse by privileged insiders. This is because data is being leveraged inside organizations in more ways and for more services that is accessible from within, not just outside, of organizations.
  • More and more government regulations are coming to the surface every year that specify how sensitive data should be managed and monitored.

What to Consider in Terms of Data Security

  • Start early on, if possible: Security of data should be built from the start. Incorporating safeguards and procedures into your workflow early on and continually create a habit and culture of prioritizing security.
  • Cost: Even if your company is already fully functioning and yet you still realize the need for better data security, consider whether the cost of protection is worth more than what you’re protecting. Do your homework to learn how much data breaches have cost companies that are similar to yours. Any size of company in any stage of business should be able to afford an adequate amount of protection to cover their data including financial software data and other essential data.
  • The impact of security disruptions vs. installation disruptions: Although there will be disruption to the workflow when implementing and installing a data security initiative, this small disruption is far less disruptive than a breach in company data security. Security breaches not only cost more money than installation and more time than installation disruptions, they could cost your company everything.
  • Threats: Consider all possible threats to your sensitive data and which is most profound. Is this an outsider? Is this a rogue employee? Is this a result of plain and simple carelessness? Take stock of your weak points so you can focus your security initiatives in these areas.

No matter what size of company you have, you can’t afford to neglect security. It only takes one breach to sensitive data to destroy your company as a whole or, at the very least, your company reputation. Turn the hope of not being the recipient of a cyberattack into a reality with proper data security. Contact Mindover Software to find out more about our data security and desktop management offerings that integrate with Sage software and financial software.