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Document Management: What it is and why you need it for your ERP software

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Did you know that document management is ranked in the top five Information Technology (IT) initiatives being currently undertaken? In order to keep up with the times, you will need to be moving towards a paperless office which, in the process, will be a more environmentally friendly, financially responsible, and secure workplace. For many people, document management is not even understood which means the likelihood of it being practiced in businesses is even less. Let’s take a look at what document management is all about, what these solutions do, and why they should be considered by every business.

In essence, document management is a software solution that offers companies the ability to eliminate paper-based bottlenecks, increase efficiencies, and reduce paper-related operational costs. Document management is not just about having a place to store or archive documents but also offers the ability to efficiently locate and use the information contained in the documents.

Documents can be electronically captured into a document management solution through a number of different formats including e-mail, fax, scan or automatically from an accounting application. The need to print and file documents is now eliminated. When capturing the document electronically, index values can be added to it before being stored into the repository for instant retrieval.  What once used to take hours or days for someone to physically locate and distribute key information on paper now takes only seconds. The best part is that document management solutions integrate with your existing Sage software or ERP solution to increase efficiency.

In summary, most document management solutions do the following:

  • Secure documents in a repository
  • Capture paper documents, digital documents, and any other electronic files
  • Process documents through a structured workflow process
  • Integrate with your ERP software and other business systems for increased efficiency
  • Distribute documents automatically 

Why should you consider a document management solution? Here are a few reasons why this should be on the to-do list of every business:

  1. It’s suitable for everyone. A good integrated document management solution will benefit any industry, department, and process. For example, with document management software installed, your Sales and Customer Service departments will decrease order entry time and spend this extra time focusing on providing better service instead. Going paperless would significantly increase workflow efficiency and save money and time for these departments.
  1. It’s timeless. Smart document management software can evolve along with your company, growing as you expand and seamlessly transitioning from one department to another or from one location to another.
  1. It’s flexible. Your integrated document management solution can work well alone or with added help. Add-ons or upgrades will complement your document management software to provide new capabilities and efficiencies.

The businesses that have really benefited the most do not think about document management and how that will plug into their business. They think about the documents and processes they work with every day and then they figure out which document management tool will help them automate or simplify that process. It’s not just about capturing and indexing the document – it’s about document process transformation. Sometimes it’s a win just getting documents stored in the right place so you can find them later, but there are even bigger wins when you realize how to use those documents and data to transform the process.

No matter what industry you work in, increasing space, efficiency, and business will always remain popular, and these can all be achieved through document management. Learn more about the document management solutions we offer, such as Doc-Link, and how we can help you integrate this with your Sage software by contacting us.

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