Don’t Let Budget Limitations Hold you back from Business Intelligence

Don’t you wish we lived in a perfect business world where everything ran smoothly, everyone got along, the money and resources were endless, and the business was free from problems? Certainly, these would make life easier for businesses, but they just are not realistic. The good news is that although it is impossible to eliminate all the challenges your business faces, it is possible to ease many of them with the right solutions in place that are implemented and used wisely.

Over the past month, we have been taking a look at common business problems or issues and how these challenges are solved with business intelligence (BI). First, we looked at the need for time to be used more efficiently and how to eliminate processes that are costly in terms of time. Then, we dove into the need to eliminate manual processes that are plagued with data entry errors and replace those with more automated and accurate reporting processes. Last week, we took a closer look at the impact inflexible and limited reporting capabilities can have on businesses and how to make them more flexible and customized to just what is needed. To learn more about this, visit here.

Limited Budgets and Limited Support: The Perfect Storm

This week, let’s take a closer look at the financial challenges businesses face that, in turn, impact the amount of information technology (IT) support they have and how these challenges can be solved. It starts by realizing that all budgets seem really tight and will probably always be that way. We can no longer use this as an excuse but must instead look at ways to use budgets more efficiently and wisely. At the same time, we can no longer say that we are limited by a lack of IT support because Sage business software is easier and more user-friendly to use than ever before.

Saving money, Using Existing Support to Solve Problems

If you are feeling the pressures of more support and money needed, what you really need is a business intelligence solution that can be deployed seamlessly that also offers immediate value and a rapid Return on Investment (ROI). We know that every dollar counts in today’s challenging business environment. Although it may seem counter intuitive to be thinking about implementing another software application that uses up valuable budget funds and IT resources, the return far out-weighs the cost. Business intelligence can be implemented quickly and affordably. This happens by seamlessly implementing Sage business software intelligence reporting into existing Sage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. This means no new costly vendor relationships are needed, and the overall cost of ownership is low.

According to recent research, the reality is that overall companies spend 35% less per business intelligence user when using packaged BI applications than those that do not have a packages solution that seamlessly integrates into existing solutions. With BI, costs are kept low through easy adoption of the additional software that draws information automatically from ERP solutions and delivers data into familiar technological framework environments. With deployment, users get the solution up and running quickly with existing skills instead of needing to rely on IT expertise. At the same time, they can use templates for reports that are pre-created instead of needing to be created from scratch. Reporting design tools also make customization easy.

Here are just some of the report templates that are available to those that use Sage ERP products in conjunction with BI solutions:

  • ERP and CRM sales dashboards
  • Fast moving item reports
  • Monthly sales trend reports
  • Lost customers reports
  • Financial ration reports

Doesn’t your business want the ability to produce insightful reports on day one? Just think of the ability this will allow you to have in taking advantage of sales opportunities as they happen. With Sage business software that seamlessly deploys and offers immediate value and rapid ROI, you can stop negative trends before they further harm your business and start positive trends immediately. Contact Mindover Software to find out more how this is all possible. For more information about business intelligence solutions we offer, visit here.

Although they are not the same, big data is another important part of all of this business intelligence. In essence, BI helps you find the answers while big data helps you discover questions you didn’t know you needed answers to.

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