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Eliminating Manual Processes with Business Intelligence

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Over the course of this month, we will be taking a closer look at many of the challenges faced by businesses and how business intelligence helps solve these challenges. Last week, we took a look at one of many challenges that can be solved through the use of business intelligence (BI). The challenge of using time wisely and saving time wherever possible is made easier with BI. To learn more about ways you can save valuable time and use time more effectively, visit here. Let’s take a look at yet another challenge businesses like yours face and how this can be solved. Sage business software can help.

Is your business improving efficiencies or plagued by inefficiencies? The problem of report preparation being too labor-intensive and suffering from manual processes is ongoing for many companies. Is this true for you as well? Are you finding it hard to collect needed data because various people are reporting it in various places at various times? Relying on manual processes not only makes reporting data challenging and time-intensive, but it ultimately results in unnecessary inaccuracies through manual entry errors. If these problems sound all too familiar, we are happy to say that there is a solution!

Turn Manual Processes into Automated Ones

Business intelligence automates report preparation for you. How is this done? It pulls real-time and trusted data directly from a business’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution and delivers this information that is critical to business operations to help make insightful business decisions.

If you think about the number of opportunities that have likely been lost while waiting for reports to be compiled, it probably is not good news for your company. The good news is that although this might have been true of your past, it doesn’t have to be your current or future reality. Your business needs to stay agile and respond quickly to both favorable and unfavorable business conditions. If data is inaccurate, that is not possible. If data cannot be produced on demand, that is not possible either.

That is where Sage business software comes in. It provides the important information needed and when it is needed so your company can better manage exceptions and quickly adjust to changing conditions. This software…

  • Pulls up-to-date and trusted data directly from your existing ERP solution
  • Consolidates data from multiple sources
  • Delivers this business-critical information to decision makers throughout the entire organization
  • Delivers data in a smart and easy-to-use universal language of business and accountants so users can easily use it to manipulate, analyze, and distribute information
  • Creates presentation-quality reports that deliver real-time and meaningful information

Simplify Complex Report Processes

Because business intelligence solutions work seamlessly with ERP systems, your company’s fiscal periods are already known, and access is easy to real-time transaction numbers and balance amounts. All you need to do is leverage standard report templates to turn your focus instead to analyzing and creating new ones that are customized. The standard templates that can be easily personalized include:

  • Financial analysis reports
  • Dashboard analysis
  • General ledger
  • Inventory, Purchas, and Sales data

Learn more about making error-prone, manually prepared, and untimely reports a thing of the past by contacting us. We can help you find and implement business intelligence solutions that will allow your executives and managers to monitor company health using Sage business software with graphical dashboard reports and prebuilt management reports to truly understand accurate current metrics and trends.

Although they are not the same, big data is another important part of all of this business intelligence. In essence, BI helps you find the answers while big data helps you discover questions you didn’t know you needed answers to.