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ERP Software Helps You Meet Customer Demands

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ERP software offers many benefits to your company, but did you know it can help you meet customer demand easily? Here are four ways in which ERP software can help you meet customer demands faster and better than ever before.

Customers Want Responsible Companies

According to the Nielsen Global Sustainability report, 81% of respondents feel companies should demonstrate corporate responsibility toward the environment. Your ERP system can be a powerful ally in your quest to demonstrate environmental awareness and sustainability.

More and more customers are demanding manufacturers enter the circular economy. This means supporting the use and reuse, as much as possible, of materials and resources and decreasing waste.

Using your company’s ERP system, you can track the supply chain and demonstrate to customers as part of a public relations or communications outreach the steps you are taking to reduce waste and protect the environment. Whether it is reusing old pallets, installing new paint filters to reduce particles in the air, or cleaning the water runoff as an extra step before releasing wastewater, you can track these steps and monitor them in your system and provide information to customers who demand to know the manufacturers behind their products care for the environment.

The “Amazon Effect” and Faster Shipping

Customers are also demanding faster shipping thanks to what’s been dubbed as the “Amazon effect.” Amazon, and big retailers like Target and Walmart, have reset customer expectations for fast shipping. Amazon often ships in two days—sometimes in one day—and business customers now expect faster shipping, too.

Your ERP software provides a window into every area of operations within your company. You can track shipments, improve warehouse management, and monitor order fulfillment throughout the ERP. Your ERP can help with the reduction of planning cycles, timely delivery of products, and maintaining minimal on-hand stock. It can also help by enhancing production scheduling, and automatically generating and managing purchase orders. Companies with ERP software can deliver a better product to market faster and gain the competitive advantage. Companies with strong supply chains have a considerable advantage over those who do not.

Multiple Communication Channels Integrated in the ERP Software

A Deloitte study found that 92% of organizations view the customer experience as an important differentiator. Artificial intelligence (AI) enabled chatbots, multiple communication channels, and other features integrated into ERP software enable companies to keep a close watch on all customer communications and to provide better service.

Sales managers, for example, can ask about stock availability around the clock if the responding channel is managed by an AI chatbot. Many companies are now using automated systems to provide distributors with availability and answers to their product questions, so the service never stops. The result is faster, better service. Companies who offer such services have a significant competitive advantage over those who do not.

Better Service Now a Requirement

In the past, it may have been possible to provide minimal service if other factors weighed in your company’s favor. Bare bones service combined with low prices may have been acceptable—then.

Now, however, you need to provide top of the line service, great quality, and competitive prices. To do so, you must make gains in efficiency and pass incremental profits along to customers. Tight supply chain management, efficient warehouse management, and enhanced customer support all work together to help businesses gain market share, sell more goods, and increase profits. ERP software supports these goals and enhances every area of your business.

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