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Exciting Changes Coming to Acumatica in 2017

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AcumaticaAcumatica has always been a customer favorite for complete, comprehensive cloud-based accounting software. It’s easier to learn than many other packages, adaptable to various industries and business needs, and a solid productivity package for many companies interested in an integrated accounting and business software suite that lives up to its promises.

Acumatica is making some great updates to its package in 2017. Here’s a rundown of some of the changes you can look forward to in Acumatica 2017 R2.


  • Marketing lists and campaigns have been improved for user efficiency regarding marketing tracking and analyzing. This includes List Building improvements where campaign members can be created from any generic inquiry forms that work with contact records.
  • Marketing “statuses” (Selected, Processed, or Responded) have been changed to “stages” (prospect through deploy).
  • For Lead Tracking, if a lead opportunity has been created as a result of marketing activities related to a campaign, a user can associate this lead or opportunity with the campaign. Users can now create activities associated with campaigns or with campaign members.
  • Acumatica ERP now gives users the ability to associate various documents with campaigns.
  • Acumatica ERP now supports bi-directional real-time synchronization of data between Acumatica ERP and Salesforce CRM.

Finance and Accounting

Significant enhancements are being released in the following areas:

  • Statement processing.
  • Multiple branches that represent legal entities, and use the same tenant in Acumatica ERP, can configure their own tax periods and close the periods independently of one another.
  • Approval of Outgoing Cash Transactions in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable—now support the process of purchasing goods or services from one vendor and paying for those goods or services to a different vendor.
  • The new Authorize.Net API plug-in provides PCI DSS–compliant integration with Authorize.Net, and sensitive credit card information is not stored in the Acumatica ERP database.


Changes in this area include:

  • Item Class Hierarchy
  • Specifying Default Item Classes
  • Configuring Availability Calculation Rules
  • Configuring Warehouse-Specific Prices
  • Uploading Prices by Alternate IDs
  • Specifying a Price Adjustment Multiplier
  • Specifying Cross-Reference Units of Measure
  • Calculating Discounts in Different Units of Measure

Project Accounting

As with our Distribution Suite, our Project Accounting Suite has more than several changes. These include the following:

  • Simplified budget structure and reporting
  • Proforma invoices
  • Project-Specific Invoice Format
  • Support progress billing on fixed amount and time & material contracts enhanced project rates
  • Tracking project comments through purchasing, sales, or external systems

Field Service

Most of the changes in this area involve the Field Services Equipment Module, a popular feature for Acumatica users. Changes include:

  • Ability to track components and warranties, including how warranties are calculated for equipment entities and components and on serviced order if a service was provided for a particular component of a piece of target equipment.
  • Specifying a default Salesperson for Service Orders of a Particular subset of Services.
  • Ability to Control Invoice Generation from Service Orders by Billing Cycle.
  • Ability to Clone an Appointment Multiple Times.
  • Add a map of the Customer Location on Forms.


There are some great changes coming in the technology behind Acumatica! Some things to look for in our rollout in the latter half of 2017 include; near real-time GPS location framework in mobile; API improvements (REST and Swagger API) along with improved performance control; external applications can track the data changes by processing push notifications sent by Acumatica ERP; and localization of Acumatica Self-Service Portal in multiple languages.

Business Insights

New user interfaces have been unveiled and they offer more flexibility and customization. Personalization is also available. In the new user interface, suites and modules are replaced with workspaces. A workspace includes forms and reports combined by the functional area using:

  • The navigation pane with workspaces
  • Links to forms
  • Tiles (links with additional parameters to forms)
  • The assigned Administrator can configure navigation in the new user interface; he or she can pin and unpin workspaces on the navigation pane, add and remove links to forms and reports in a workspace, and manage tiles in a workspace.
  • Every user of the system can personalize the user interface through adding forms to Favorites and configuring Quick Menu items.
  • Along with the new UI, users can look forward to role-specific Dashboards, Reporting (Generic Inquiries) improvements, Real-Time Data Exchange with external applications, and Visual Resource Scheduling Integration with Smartsheet.

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