Facing the Issue of Financial Software Data Security

Cyber and data security is at the top of the list these days in terms of concerns businesses have within not only the world of technology itself but also within its impact on the business world overall. With endless and large quantities of attacks that seem to be expanding at astounding rates and with so much valuable data and information to protect, businesses need to know how essential data security is to their business. It has become quite apparent that major cyber attacks are happening all around us as the stories of these events are getting lots of attention in public venues including the news. Even more events of cyberattacks are occurring that aren’t talked about, and it is vital that all businesses be aware of this very prevalent and potentially “fatal” blow to business success that compromises financial software data stored in your Sage software and elsewhere.

What is being targeted in cyber attacks?         

There is so much information (including financial software data) that is at risk when we talk about the need to secure data. If you think about all of the venues through which your business uses the computer and internet, you will likely realize that nearly all of the activities we carry out on a daily basis are done electronically. We deal with financial software data and personal information all the time through banking, insurance, and ecommerce activity all done electronically, and all of this information needs to be secure. There is a whole slew of intellectual property and information that needs to be secure. This information being protected ultimately leads to protecting customers.

What makes cyber and data security of your financial, Sage, and other software harder to achieve than it seems?

In general, businesses are not able to protect themselves, their customers, and all of the information involved all on their own. Sadly, the adversaries of cyber attacks are highly sophisticated in their capabilities, highly funded, and relentless. What is equally sad and extremely scary for businesses is that the process of attacking is automated with research on staying ahead of it lagging behind the attacks themselves. For most businesses of all sizes, the fact that they have already been hacked and attacked for year may not be known by themselves at all. Not having any idea that this is going on can make it so much more costly and so much harder to fix in the long run.

What does this mean for your business?

Although it is scary, the whole point is to really take cyber-security seriously as a business. The smaller and faster growing you are, the more likely it is that your business could be at risk. Don’t assume your business is too small to be attacked. Instead, safeguard your data. An attack compromises company accounts and customer relationships, and this can directly affect your staff and you at a personal level of lost security and finances as well. If you don’t have access to resources that help with recovery and defense, you are at an even greater risk. The bottom is line is that your business should be unleashing the power of technological innovation but must simultaneously and constantly be protecting and securing data. This includes devices, networks, data centers, and information stored on the cloud.

The ultimate goal is for your business to thrive while it, you, and your customers are protected so that success can be ongoing. For further assistance in securing data within your financial software and Sage software of all kinds, contact us here at Mindover Software. We can help you achieve this bottom line goal of thriving as a business while keeping everything secure and protected in the process.


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