Fast or Good? Don’t Let Speed Get in the Way of a Solid ERP Implementation

The clock is ticking on your Acumatica or Sage 100 ERP implementation. Perhaps you’ve had to delay several times, and now the finish line is in sight. At last, implementation!

But before rushing to the finish line, pause for a moment. What are you sacrificing for speed? While a good project manager can shave a day or two off of a project, they can’t work miracles and squeeze in 10 tasks in the time it takes to complete one. Don’t sacrifice speed for quality implementation. Don’t neglect the most important phase of the ERP implementation process—testing.

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Testing the ERP System

Many projects include some customization of the system before implementation. The project management team usually sets goals, interviews vendors, and chooses software based on the overall company needs. Old data may need to be migrated into the new system. Custom requests must be programmed and the dashboard tweaked so that they reflect what is needed by your company. And, depending on how complex the project is, several modules may need to be tied together with the new ERP system.

Anytime a system is customized, tweaked, or changed, it must be tested. Testing helps reveal any bugs or flaws in the system or problems in the work that should be corrected prior to implementation.

Testing is one of the most important steps in a project, yet it’s often one that’s skipped to make up time. However, without testing, problems with the data may remain hidden. Such problems tend to affect multiple parts of a system over time, spreading errors or mistakes. Testing can help you pinpoint such problems and remove or fix them.

Accuracy and Speed Together

A well-known software solution such as Acumatica ERP or Sage 100 ERP offers the best situation in which to launch an ERP system quickly. That’s because these systems have been tested and used by hundreds of companies big and small. Such companies have provided feedback to the vendors, who have in turn made adjustments to the software so that it runs smoothly.

Another bonus of using Sage or Acumatica products is that the main ERP packages can be integrated with other modules to create customized systems. CRM and HCM modules, for example, can be added to the basic Sage 100 ERP system to create a full business management tool that helps you with all portions of your business. Because these packages were developed by the same vendor, Sage, they integrate easily from day one without extensive customization.

Avoiding the Speed Trap

Never sacrifice testing just to make up a few days in the project implementation schedule. One way to avoid feeling crunched for time is to schedule your ERP implementation for a slow period in your business year. When you schedule it for a time when fewer people are using the system, you’ll have more time for testing. That takes some of the pressure off the schedule.

Speed, accuracy, flexibility … an ERP system offers it all. To ensure a smooth rollout, add adequate time for testing into the project schedule.

Mindover Software

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