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How to Find Profit Sources in Your Numbers

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Over 20 years as a reporting expert, I’ve listened to hundreds of business leaders share what data is being looked over and what isn’t.

The revelations are surprising and have compelled me to help other business leaders have similar breakthroughs with their information.

Through working with CFO’s to Mid-Level Management, Distribution & Manufacturing to Healthcare companies, I’ve figured out the reporting principles that apply and empower all business leaders, regardless of  role, industry, or company size.

I don’t believe in rules or trends. I believe finding new revenue opportunities in your numbers should be easy and I teach you the principles to give you more insight to improve your bottom line.

Stop guessing and join me to find answers.[vc_btn title=”REGISTER NOW” style=”flat” shape=”square” color=”pink” link=”|||”]Here’s what I’ll teach you in this webinar:

  1. The #1 principle that empowers you to find profit sources in your financial data.
  2. The mistake most business leaders make that leads to poor decisions.
  3. Why our clients are thriving by leveraging the right reports and how to make that your story, too.

After 45 minutes, you’ll understand why our customers are succeeding and growing and how you can apply the same reporting and analytic principles for your organization’s success.

“Trends change very quickly in this industry, we don’t want to overstock yet we still need to have sufficient inventory to meet our clients’ needs. It is a balancing act and the data we are getting now helps us purchase only what we need to meet customer demand.”    – Lori Anthony-Thomas, President, Specialty Products

“Our ability to accurately track the costs associated with our projects in a clear and  auditable way means those projects are more profitable for us,” Bob Wills, CFO, Kalmar RT Center, LLC

Making decisions that generate profit is one thing you must do and where you need to spend a consistent portion of your time, but may not have clarity on what information to look over. 

Join me and let’s change this narrative.[vc_btn title=”REGISTER NOW” style=”flat” shape=”square” color=”pink” link=”|||”]