Five Ways Distribution ERP Software Improves Warehouse Management

Your business’s distribution management is a central part of your organization’s success. Every time the product moves or is handled, there is potential for error and inefficiency. Properly managing the product across the entire supply chain is a significant challenge. That’s why most warehouse managers rely on integrated distribution ERP software.

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If you’re wondering how to tame the challenges you face in your warehouse, the following are five benefits of distribution ERP software that will help you manage those challenges.

Better Inventory Organization

Your warehouse holds thousands of parts or products. A core part of managing a warehouse is making sure you have a system that can track and categorize those parts in an efficient way.

There are several methods to doing this. For example, ABC classification organizes parts according to value and documentation requirements. Items classified as “A” may need to be tightly controlled, “B” items have moderate value, and “C” items have minimum value. Each classification and each SKU has different records requirements.

However, regardless of the method you use, a distribution ERP software solution with the right features will help you more effectively organize your entire warehouse.

More Effective Warehouse Management

Every warehouse needs a user-friendly, effective warehouse management system (WMS). The right distribution ERP software will include a WMS feature with all the following qualities:

  • A flexible location system
  • User customizable parameters for tasks
  • Integration with data collection devices like scanners
  • Inventory scheduling

An ERP system with a good WMS module will help your organization increase the accuracy of your inventory and increase our warehouse storage capacity. It will also let you improve cycle time and reduce labor costs. The WMS module will also help you better manage the variability of supply and demand.

Using Mobile Technology

If a distribution ERP package includes a modern WMS, it will allow you to use mobile technology in ways that will allow your business to innovate its supply chain.

For example, the WMS may allow salespeople to use apps on their phone to access your inventory information. Using mobile devices, salespeople in the field can provide customers with accurate inventory data and information. This lets the business make good on promises to customers, as well as proactively reaching out to suppliers to replenish inventory before running out.

Mobile technology integration with the WMS improves customer service, and it can improve supply chain speed. It also allows your business to provide customers with a better online purchasing experience, updating availability immediately rather than leaving the customer with any unnecessary surprises.

Improved Shipping

Obviously, one of the most important activities that takes place in any warehouse is the processing, handling, and shipping of packages and products. Whatever distribution ERP software you use should have an inventory management module with a shipping system that can cope with the number of packages you ship out or receive every day.

One area where the shipping module might streamline your warehouse is by integrating with your conveyor systems. Integrated mobile conveyor machines add flexibility and efficiency to your shipping process. It’s one method available with many distribution ERP software packages to improve overall inventory management and the efficiency of your warehouse.

Better Relationships with Suppliers

There are very common issues that plague the supply chain for many businesses.

  • Suppliers might be late
  • Delivered shipments are inaccurate
  • Warehouse staff are overworked

All these issues can be resolved by choosing a distribution ERP software solution with an effective WMS module. This module should allow you to monitor supply chain performance; view detailed, customized reports about supplier shipments; and find opportunities for improvement throughout your entire supply chain.

Start Managing Your Distribution Challenges with Help from Mindover Software

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