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Full Sage 300 Support Enables Your Company to Maximize the Potential of ERP

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Mindover Software offers full Sage 300 support for all our customers. Why is this important? Because with a comprehensive understanding of Sage 300, you can maximize all the wonderful benefits inherent in this powerful ERP.

Download our white paper on Sage 300 today to learn more about the many benefits of enterprise resource planning.

Are You Getting the Most from Sage 300?

Walk through any manufacturing shop floor, and you’ll see raw materials moving in and finished goods or components moving out. But in between these stages lies a multitude of processes, each with its own measurable aspect. No matter what is being manufactured, measuring the efficiency by which raw goods are turned into finished, marketable products can help you spot inefficiencies and reduce waste.

For example, you can measure:

  • Speed to market from start to finish
  • Equipment usage
  • Waste materials
  • Shortages
  • Supply chain efficiencies

Yet, how are you measuring each of these elements? It’s not uncommon to see people with clipboards moving about the manufacturing floor making notes and then heading back to the office to enter their records into their computerized systems manually.

Sage 300 offers numerous modules that can make manual data entry a thing of the past. Sage’s document management function enables you to transform paper-based documents into electronic documents that can be emailed to recipients. Doc-link also lets your team email documents to customers, suppliers, and more without once using actual paper. Now that’s what we call a paperless office.

But there are more features in Sage 300 that can help make your shop floor more efficient. Sage Inventory Advisor can alert you to shortages, for example, or supply chain inefficiencies when you’re juggling multiple projects. By setting stock alerts, the system can automatically notify you when specific raw materials are running low. That helps reduce inefficiencies and speed up the time to market by ensuring raw materials are always on hand to fulfill customer orders.

Sage 300 Support: Consider What You Don’t Know

If it’s been more than a year since you implemented Sage 300 ERP, consider speaking with someone from Mindover Software for a refresher. Many people believe they are using their software packages fully but find, with some exploration, that they are using only a small portion of a robust enterprise package.

Let’s look at an example. Susan stepped into the role of quality control manager several months ago for a busy factory. Her predecessor retired after many years on the job and did not like to use the new ERP system the company implemented. He preferred to use a pen and paper, for example, to count inventory and to keep notes in his office on the supplies on hand.

Although he reviewed a few features of Sage 300 with Susan when she came onboard, he did not know enough about the system to mention many of the features such as DocLink and Sage Inventory Advisor that Susan could have used to help her save time and effort. Susan spent many months typing notes into the system, snail-mailing papers to her customers, and chasing down slow deliveries when she could have found all the information she needed on the Sage 300 system itself.

Sage 300 support offered through Mindover Software would have helped Susan learn that Sage 300 provides more than the basics her predecessor learned. With additional training and Sage 300 support, Susan could have improved productivity and efficiency quickly and used her time and talents to think of innovative ways to boost revenues.

Sage 300 Support Is Waiting for You

Sage 300 has a lot to offer. There are accounting and finance modules, inventory control features, sales support features, document management, and other modules that improve productivity throughout your company.

Mindover Software offers Sage 300 support and implementation, as well as additional information and services for Sage-based products. We invite you to contact us today for more information or call 512-990-3994.

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