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The Hottest Trends for ERP in Manufacturing

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It’s hard to imagine the words “hot trend” and “enterprise resource planning” or ERP in the same sentence. Productivity business software such as ERP doesn’t lend itself to trendiness the way that software such as video games might be trendy.

But ERP software developers such as Sage monitor trends in business software, productivity, accounting, finance, and manufacturing all the time. They know that trends found elsewhere in the software world eventually filter into software products like ERP in manufacturing. Innovations in the world of artificial intelligence, big data, data and analytics, and blockchain, for example, may one day solve problems for manufacturers the way the assembly line once solved the production issue of increasing speed to market.

Technologies for Potential Use in the World of ERP in Manufacturing

Do any of these pique your interest?

  1. The Internet of Things:  The Internet of Things (IoT) represents the convergence of data collection and objects. Objects embedded with microchips can report data such as their location, stock status, error messages, and more. In the home, this means that your washing machine, refrigerator, or pickup truck might be sending information back to the manufacturers to help the product engineers improve performance and solve bugs that appear after the products enter the market. For manufacturers, the IoT has far-reaching consequences. Manufacturers may be able to track shipments of raw materials tagged with devices that report transportation time and current location. This provides better data into the ERP system, which can be used to project when shipments will arrive when equipment is needed, time to ship products to customers, and more. With this data flowing into a manufacturer’s ERP system, they will be better positioned to make sales projections, gain insight into operations, and assess productivity. Such an advancement will have a positive impact on the world of manufacturing.
  2. Big Data: It’s been many years since companies began collecting every particle of data they could on their customers, products, and operations. But what to do with all that information? In the past, only larger companies who could afford a dedicated data warehouse and the equipment and staff to run it were able to harness the power of Big Data. Today, that’s no longer true. Small to mid-sized manufacturers can harness the power of Big Data through cloud ERP solutions. Cloud solutions allow any sized company to access the best computing power and software through an internet connection. Several computers can be used for cloud solutions, greatly amplifying the power and speed of processing. This makes it easier for the “little guys” to use data like the larger companies with their own data centers.
  3. Wear Your Technology: You’re probably already familiar with wearable technology. Wristband watches that synchronize with smartphones to receive email and text messages, fitness devices that monitor heart rate and steps, and hearing aids that can interact with Bluetooth technology for wireless audio from smartphones, internet radio, and more. Google Glasses and virtual reality goggles are changing the world of entertainment but they are also changing how companies train new employees. Using wearable technology, manufacturers may be able to offer customized training on how to use equipment, warehouse procedures and much more. VR goggles are being used to teach physicians the latest techniques; why not manufacturers?

Technology is always changing, and innovations in one area may eventually spread to others. The future of manufacturing looks bright with many potential innovations that will improve productivity, service, and profitability. The time is right to add a new ERP in your manufacturing business. These systems offer excellent real-time synchronization of data, great reporting capabilities, and the flexibility you need to scale up as your business grows.

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