How Sage HRMS can Add Time to Your Day

Sage HRMSDo More with Less Using HR Tools Integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning

Do you ever wish that you had an extra hand to complete your day-to-day human resources tasks? Wouldn’t it be nice to have an assistant to help you get your work done? Often, more hands are not an option in the HR department. However, there is a way to get more work done in the time that you have. A Human Resource Management System (HRMS) can save you valuable time on every-day tasks so that you can put your focus on more strategic work.

Did you know that over 50% of a human resource department’s time is spent on routine paperwork and answering questions? That doesn’t leave you with much time to work on more strategic tasks like reducing workforce costs, increasing employee engagement, and improving talent through training. Many small and mid-sized businesses have limited staff—you might be trying to do this HR job alone—meaning you may need to be an expert on everything from benefits to payroll to employment regulations.

With a software product like Sage HRMS, you can succeed with limited resources. Consider Sage HRMS that extra hand you need—an assistant who is knowledgeable in every aspect of HR administration.

With Sage HRMS you get automated routine administration for HR functions, benefits, and payroll. You can get rid of the spreadsheets and file cabinets you use to process hiring information, payroll records, and benefits information. Automation eliminates errors, lost and outdated data, and time spent managing the data. With Sage HRMS, you can implement standardized processes with central data storage and easy retrieval and reporting. You can take control of your time to automate routine tasks such as:

  • Adding new hires
  • Promoting, disciplining, transferring, or terminating an employee
  • Tracking medical leave or leave of absence
  • Assigning or changing benefits
  • Changing salary
  • Tracking employee training information
  • Recording employment data needed for regulatory compliance
  • Creating timely, comprehensive reports
  • Administering routine benefits tasks
  • Managing attendance and time off
  • Processing payroll
  • Tracking and reporting on compliance records

An HRMS not only saves you time but it can also improve the company bottom line. An HRMS saves money through:

  • Standardizing processes so that you are more productive and can achieve more in less time
  • Eliminating duplicate data entry and improving the accuracy of data
  • Avoiding penalties, fines, and the threat of lawsuits related to regulatory non-compliance

While implementing an HRMS system can pay for itself through these process and data improvements, the real value of an HRMS solution is as an investment that lets you focus on strategic HR functions such as helping employees reach their full potential, improving motivation, and strengthening engagement. When you implement and use an integrated product like Sage HRMS, you can increase employee engagement through functions including employee self-service, training development, and performance management. According to one study, having an HRMS integrated with your enterprise planning system provides a 270% higher return on investment than stand-alone HR systems. Sage HRMS is an integrated solution designed to maximize your investment by using rich, precise analytics and by empowering your employees.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of an HRMS integrated with your enterprise resource planning system, download our whitepaper, Doing More For Less with HR Technology Tools.

If you are interested in finding an extra hand for your HR tasks, Sage HRMS is the HR assistant you need. Mindover Software can design a solution to meet all of your HR needs. Our on-premises and cloud-based HR solutions give you the power to manage your employees more efficiently and effectively. For more information on HR solutions provided by Mindover Software, contact us today.

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