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How to Create a PO from SO in Acumatica

in: Acumatica


1. In order to create a Purchase Order from a Sales Order, the SO must be entered and saved. Click on Distribution > Sales Orders > Work Area > Sales Orders. Enter the Sales Order number you want to create a PO for.


2. The document details contain the individual lines on the sales order. Locate the column title “Mark for PO” and ensure the field is checked. If the order has multiple lines, you will check the box for all lines you wish to create PO’s for and then click the Save icon.


3. On the Menu Bar, select Actions à Create Purchase Order.


4. The Create Purchase Orders window will open and is populated by the Sales Order details.


5. Double click in the Vendor field on the table section of the screen and enter or select the Vendor ID for the vendor whom will be issued the PO.


6. Entering the vendor number will automatically select the box next to Plan Type. Each line selected will be included in the PO creation process. Click the Process option and the purchase order will be created.


7. The Purchase Orders form will open to the newly created PO. If the options to set automatic hold of all created purchase orders, they will need to be addressed by the user, uncheck the Hold box then click Save. This will complete the SO to PO process.