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How to Create Custom AP Aging Report using Sage 300

in: Sage 300 ERP

The Steps:

1. We want to create a custom AP Aging report which will incorporate outstanding invoices for multiple (3) companies in Sage 300. Create the 3 folders, one for each of the companies to be included in the custom AP Aging report, within the Reporting Manager. (This tip doesn’t cover the necessary setup of the connector module in order to get the report to work)



2. Once the folders are created, we need to create 1 report to utilize the information in the connector module. Click Add Report, and select Standard Report.



3. We name report and tell it which connection to use. We also select which columns to use in the report, any filters, parameters or sort fields.



4. Once the report has been configured and it runs and returns the data we require, we need to export the report. Select Tools then Export Report and determine where the exported report will reside.



5. Now we need to import the report into the other two company folders, COMP02, COMP03. Click on Tools, Import Report, select the report to import.



6. Verify the Target Connection and Report Destination then click Import.



7. We recommend creating a special folder under home to hold all of the “consolidation” type of intelligence reports you may create. This will help you easily identify a report when you are looking for a “combined” report or an individual company report.










8. Now we want to combine the reports for COMP01, COMP02, and COMP03 into 1 report in the COMP99 folder. Clic on Add Report and select Union Report.

Sage 300


9. You must select each of the reports from the other folders. You can usually do this by the ID field and selecting the latest ones you just created or else you will have to know the report name.

Sage 300


10. Once you have added the report you can generate the report and then built your report templates. For example, if you just wanted to see open payables by company and by week, the pivot table below could suffice. You have as many options as you can possibly think of and you can report on.

Sage 300