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Improve Warehouse Efficiency with WMS

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If you asked a handful of manufacturers and distributors what their goals for their warehouse are, more than half would tell you improved warehouse efficiency. An efficient warehouse leads to increased profit and more satisfied workers. Efficiency in the warehouse is a big deal; however, many companies struggle to maintain efficient processes. Warehouse management systems (WMS) can help companies automate processes and boost effectiveness so they can improve their overall efficiency. In addition to implementing a WMS, companies can incorporate the following tips into their efficiency plan:

  1. Give everyone a responsibility. Keep your employees on-track by giving them a unique responsibility.
  2. Document the changes in your warehouse. Keep track of any procedural changes in the warehouse and compare them to historical data. This will give you a chance to understand what the efficiency is and how to correct it.
  3. Educate your employees. Share your results with your employees so they can see how their work is making an impact on the organization. Educate your employees on how their daily tasks impacts the company’s profit. This will give them a stronger sense of purpose and motivation them to become more efficient.
  4. Encourage your warehouse managers to get involved. It’s been said that leaders who are actively engaging in the everyday processes have a unique and first-hand perspective on how things are done. Encourage your managers to walk the floor and get involved with your employees. Make sure they have an inside knowledge of how the company runs so they can suggest ways to improve efficiency on all levels.
  5. Implement new technology to increase efficiency and automate processes. Technology is extremely beneficial to running your warehouse in the most efficient way possible; however, some of your employees may be resistant to the new technology. Make sure that you adequately train your employees on the new software before they have to use it on a regular basis. This will ensure a smooth and successful implementation and allow you to reap the benefits of the new system.

Technology is necessary if you want to improve your warehouse efficiency. Warehouse management solutions (WMS), such as Sage WMS and Accellos WMS, can give you the tools you need to run your warehouse smoothly and get your products distributed on-time. Contact us today to learn more about how WMS can improve your organization’s efficiency.