Increase Employee Satisfaction and Productivity with Training and Sage HRMS

Sage HRMSCompanies who want to increase job satisfaction, productivity and retention would be smart to invest more into employee training. Some surveys indicate that as many as 40 percent of employees leave their jobs within a year due to poor training. Although training can’t fix all problems, it, along with Sage HRMS, can improve job satisfaction, increase retention rates, and improve employee productivity.

5 Tips for Terrific Training

Adults learn differently than children do, and employee training must reflect the needs of adult learners. Common training methods, such as classroom-based learning, can work, but the methods must be tailored to adults. These five tips will show you how to get more out of your employee training sessions by working with adult learners’ unique needs.

Tip #1: Identify specific skills for training needs.

Mandating blanket training for all defeats the purpose of corporate training. One-size-fits-all training will bore a good percent of the attendees, confuse more, and help only a few. Instead of trying to squeeze everyone into the same class, you need to identify which specific skills each individual needs to improve. Once you identify the specific skills, you can then develop training to enhance those skills and group learners accordingly.

To identify the skills your team needs, start by asking them what they’d like to learn. That may sound simplistic, but by starting with what people would like to learn, you’ve already overcome some opposition to spending time in training. People will approach training with curiosity and enthusiasm instead of viewing it as just another item on a to-do list.

Another way to identify training needs is through scaled surveys. Create a short survey that asks people to identify their familiarity or knowledge with a topic. Use a scaled score, with 0 being “no knowledge” and 5 being “expert knowledge.” Then, flip the questions around, and instead actually test people’s knowledge on the topic. Collate the answers, and use the insights to develop a comprehensive employee training program.

Tip #2: Make training part of your corporate mindset.

Making training part of your corporate mindset means more than hosting a one-hour seminar. It means allocating time in the workday for training, and providing opportunities for different types of training throughout the year. It also means investing in the best trainers you can find, as well as someone in the HR department to coordinate training.

Tip #3: Set training goals.

It’s hard to tell what you’ve achieved in an initiative unless you can see how far you’ve progressed towards a goal. Establish training goals and measure the results. By setting and measuring goals, you can see how much progress you’ve achieves and where you might need to improve.

Tip #4:  Include managers in training programs.

Including managers and senior level staff in all training programs sets a great example for all. It shows that your managers take learning seriously, and that they are willing to commit the time and resources to attend training sessions. It also ensures that managers receive the same training, and hear the same information, as their staff. It helps ensure that everyone is on the same page once training sessions are completed.

Tip #5: Hire great trainers.

The best training program in the world won’t work unless you have knowledgeable, enthusiastic trainers at the front of the room. Vendor training programs are often quite good because vendors know their products inside and out, and tend to hire training experts who can motivate and educate nearly any audience. Training companies, guest speakers and others should also be brought in for training sessions to add variety to the training. Mix in some in-house experts and you’ve got a diverse training program that will help everyone develop their skills.

Manage Training Programs Using Sage HRMS

When you’re establishing training objectives, it helps to align them to company objectives. With Sage HRMS, you’ve got a powerful software solution at your fingertips that can help you with manage all aspects of human resources including recruitment and retention, training needs and tracking attendance, and much more.

Sage HRMS offers fast access to important information while keeping information secure. Today’s HR departments are busy hubs of information, knowledge and support. Sage HRMS offers you the right tool to manage all tasks related to the efficiency of your employees.

Mindover Software can help you with this and other human resources software needs. Since 2000, we’ve provided expert insights and consulting services to help companies choose and use the best software for their business needs. Learn more by contacting us online or by phone at 512-990-3994.

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