Integrated Solutions Reap Rewards for Sage 300 Customer

AcumaticaWe talk a lot about the importance of integrated business systems. Enterprise resource planning software like Sage 300 and Acumatica can pay for itself by providing accurate, timely data that can enable better decisions and automate time-intensive processes. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Our customers’ successes are proof.

Take a look at Mays Housecall Home Health Group. This business discovered the benefits of an integrated solution when they chose Mindover Software to integrate Sage 300 with their clinical software. Mays was able to reduce reconciliation efforts from forty hours per week to only six. Creating financial reports for various stakeholders used to take a week and now only takes thirty minutes. As a significant bonus, the data are accurate and completely reconciled.

Better Data, Better Decisions = Higher Profits

How would your business change if you could make better decisions with integrated software? That’s the question many businesses are asking themselves this year as they consider investing in integrated software solutions that will help each of their business areas work together efficiently.  But in order to make better decisions, they must have accurate, timely data, and an easy way to get it. Better data enables better decisions and improves the bottom line.

The Ramifications of Unsolved Product Integration Challenge

Unsolved system integration challenges pose many risks for businesses. As more locations and processes are added to a system, there’s greater potential for error. As Tim Hernandez, CFO for Mays said, “When you are dealing with 25 entities and over 10,000 transactions a month, things can get messy.” Mistakes in data entry (and re-entry), for example, can lead to incorrect data. This data, if used to make decisions, can lead companies into poor decision-making that can negatively impact profits. Beyond poor decision making, every time data is re-entered into the system, it costs more money that could be invested elsewhere.

Integration Shouldn’t Be Painful

Some businesses today continue to work with disparate systems that were never meant to integrate. The older the system, the more difficult it may be to integrate. Gaps between systems during the integration process can lead to errors and mistakes unless they are addressed by a sound ERP system. Using an enterprise software solution eliminates the pain of integrating separate solutions and places mission-critical operations and data all in one place. Said Hernandez, “Our Sage 300 system was plenty capable to handle this type of integration; however, we needed an expert to help us.” They turned to Mindover Software for their Sage 300 support and integration with their clinical software. “Mindover Software is bridging the information gap without me having to be the expert in that process. I come up with the conceptual idea and they make it happen…”

Integrated Enterprise Software Improves Decision Making

Today businesses are placing a priority on system integration so that they can gain a comprehensive, single view of the entire business. Although such investments may be substantial, they do pay off. Businesses who invest in systems integration see improvements as a result of the investment. Clearly, when product integration is comprehensive and accurate, it offers useful information that can improve the business. Hernandez commented, “I love the doors that have been opened by tapping into the power of our Sage 300 ERP system…We are saving a huge amount of time and doing things smarter.”

The Bottom Line: Integrated Enterprise Software Investments Pay Off

Any investment made into software must provide a good return on investment. With Sage 300 and Acumatica Cloud ERP solutions, product integration challenges can be solved and your company will have access to instantaneous and accurate data from across the enterprise. It is systems integration that pays off.

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