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Interest in Document Management for ERP Software is Heating Up

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Mid-sized businesses across the United States and the globe are currently evaluating the opportunities they have to help their companies go paperless. Are you one of them? It is important that you start by understanding how document management solutions work, that they are found through applications linked directly to ERP software, and that they offer many highlights and functionalities your business likely needs. To learn more about all of this, visit here. The interest in document management for ERP software is really heating up these days throughout the business world. Let’s take a closer look at why this is happening and the reasons that make document management so worthy of strong consideration and implementation.

Reasons Document Management Interest is Heating Up

Financial benefits- Just like most things in life, there is a financial motivation behind document management that makes it worth more consideration because of the potential financial benefits. It is one of those Information Technology (IT) projects that has a high return on investment (ROI) which naturally makes it appealing to businesses and their IT departments. Document management projects almost always meet or exceed their expected payback making them a worthwhile investment to strongly consider knowing their return has a high potential for great success, great savings, and financial benefit.

Business process improvement- The interest in document management and its use within ERP software is heightened because it is capable of improving business processes without significantly altering the way things must be operated within a business. This is a very attractive feature because it increases efficiency without the need for substantial changes in operations. Having the documents you need without needing space for them and without drowning in paper files is a huge benefit for businesses and a central reason more are turning to electronic document management integrated with their ERP or Sage software.

Increased compliance- With federal regulations legislating more and more privacy and fiscal reporting all the time, being more in compliance with these regulations is another motivator in having a document management solution. It is easier to be more compliant because the solutions allow for immediate access to documents. This upholds the requirement the government has to be able to immediately access records whereas paper records may be much harder to find and locate immediately.

More productivity, less cost- Strong gains in productivity by not having to sort through paperwork all of the time are another motivator in securing a document management solution for your company and ERP software. This is especially pertinent in the human resources and accounting departments that are typically the ones who rely heavily on paper files. There is also a reduction in cost that comes with eliminating paper documents in terms of both space needed to store them and paper costs themselves.

Other reasons- With the elimination of the paper-based bottleneck and the increase in better business processes being put in place, document management makes a company not just more efficient but also more socially responsible and a more “green” and earth-friendly business. Document management solutions enforce naming conventions, ensure that strict approval processes are followed, and generally add consistency to existing procedures.

Learn more about the document management solutions we offer, such as Doc-Link for Sage 300 ERP, and how we can help you integrate document management in with your Sage software or ERP software by contacting us. As your company makes the step into the world of electronic document management, it is important to make a well-informed decision about the solution you choose to use. Stay tuned next week for some key considerations to keep in mind when making an informed decision about document management.