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Is Your Business Looking to Embrace Mobile? Turn to Cloud ERP

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Mobile technology is currently transforming the business world as we know it. Drawn to their flexibility and ease of use, business are beginning to adopt smartphones and tablets in a variety of business areas, including sales, marketing, finance, and the warehouse. When joined with business solutions (such as ERP software, CRM software, or WMS), mobile devices can increase efficiency, improve productivity, and provide real-time information to encourage decision-making. The flexibility of mobile solutions gives small and mid-sized businesses the tools they need to stay competitive and productive, traits that will distinguish them from other businesses in the market.

By adopting mobile enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools, businesses can change the way their business works and proactively react to business changes as they occur. Sales teams can use their devices out in the field to close deals or access important product/order information. Business executives can view important metrics and pull up real-time reports on their mobile devices while they are away from the office. Warehouse workers can update information instantly so managers always have real-time visibility into the warehouse. With mobile technology in the equation, businesses are working smarter.

The Cloud Furthers Mobile Efforts

The introduction of Cloud computing has spurred the growth of mobile business solutions and has enabled businesses around the world to access crucial business data on-the-go. Unlike traditional on-premise ERP solutions, Cloud ERP software allows users to access schedules, reporting and analytics, order entry and other business functions away from the office. The Cloud streamlines implementation so companies can get up and running quickly, as well as offers built-in integration so business data can function in different environments.

The reduced IT costs, maintenance costs, and hardware costs make the Cloud a much desired solution. Companies running their ERP software system in the Cloud will experience less IT downtime, greater productivity, and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Small and mid-sized companies often opt for Cloud ERP solutions because it enables them to choose how they want to deploy the software based on their needs. The Cloud gives smaller companies the opportunity to scale and grow, and data stored in the Cloud can be moved as needed.

The benefits of Cloud computing will continue to have a big influence on mobile ERP adoption. Mobility is on the rise and if the Cloud is already part of a company’s ERP infrastructure, making the transition to mobile will be seamless.

When it Comes to Mobile, Choose Carefully

It’s important to choose the right solution when it comes to mobile and Cloud ERP solutions. Before you decide to go mobile, you need to review your business’ needs regarding mobile access and design a plan that works for your business. Start out small; don’t bite off more than you can chew. Ease your way into the Cloud, and integrate mobile solutions slowly.

Knowledge is power, and your IT professionals must possess some knowledge regarding the Cloud and mobile solutions to ensure a smooth and seamless integration. If implemented correctly, mobile ERP can transform the way your company works. By giving your employees the option to work from anywhere at any time with the ability to access the company’s data within the ERP system, you are single-handedly influencing your productivity levels for the better.

If you’d like to learn more about how the Cloud and mobile technology has transformed ERP software, download our whitepaper, “ERP Checklist: 6 Critical Questions for Financial Leaders”. This whitepaper will show small and mid-sized companies how they can choose a modern ERP solution to support business growth and transparency.

If you are in the market for a Cloud ERP solution, contact one of our ERP experts today to discuss your business needs. We offer a variety of Cloud ERP software options to support your mobile efforts, including Acumatica Cloud ERP software. For more information about the software’s capabilities or to learn more about our other Cloud software options, give us a call today at 866-990-3994.