Know What You’re Buying With Cloud-Based Accounting Software

Acumatica is a great cloud-based accounting system that offers support for nearly all accounting practices. If you’re considering another software package, we urge you to consider the many ways in which other, less dedicated vendors may try to cut corners. Although you may not think other software vendors would try these tricks, we’ve seen it happen and thought you should be aware of them, so you know before you buy.

If you’re ever confused, uncertain, or would prefer an expert opinion, the staff of Mindover Software is available for a consultation to help you find the right cloud-based accounting software for your needs. Call us at 512-990-3994.

Three Situations to Avoid With Cloud-Based Accounting Software

  1. Bait and switch: Big discounts, low introductory rates, then sudden price hikes after two years … if you think we’re talking about your local cable or satellite television company, think again. We’re talking about the software industry. Yes, it happens in the accounting software industry, too. Be sure to read the fine print on the contracts and ask plenty of questions. If the price seems too good to be true, there might be a catch.

Another “bait and switch” tactic is maybe more like fudging the truth than outright lying, but the results are the same. Some companies find the promised seamless integration with their existing software is anything but seamless. Instead, they’re left with an integration nightmare requiring weeks or months of custom programming and fixes to get the systems to work.

Before buying software as necessary as cloud-based accounting software, check (and get in writing) the information that the software works with your existing system.

  1. Messy implementation: Sure, mistakes happen, but an implementation that feels more like an accident waiting to happen than a planned transition makes even the most confident company feel nervous. A messy implementation signals that something’s not right with your software or the reseller installing it. These problems include missed deadlines and dates, problems receiving what you were promised, additional costs for training and answering questions, and similar situations.

Although you can’t predict whether implementation will be easy or difficult, you can telephone previous customers who bought the same software and ask about their implementation experience. One disgruntled customer may be an anomaly, but several saying the same thing about a problem during implementation is a red flag. Check references to avoid messy implementations.

  1. Data ownership: Did you assume that you own the data in your system? Think again—and check the end-user license agreement (EULA). People usually scroll through the EULA without reading them. Many include the provision that data in the system belongs to the vendor and not to the client! That’s astonishing, but what is even worse is that if you do choose to leave the vendor, they may hold your files hostage, or provide them in a basic format that takes days to reassemble and import into any usable system.

Read the EULA for your software and be sure it’s provided as a document rather than a link to a separate website. A link to website text may be convenient for those writing the EULA but opens the door to the vendor making changes to the EULA without your knowledge.

Acumatica: Cloud Accounting Without Tricks

We recommend Acumatica for a good reason: it’s the real thing. It’s a robust accounting software package with CRM and business management suite included. Acumatica provides finance executives with the functionality they need to streamline and manage the accounting function in their company.

With Acumatica, you choose how you want to deploy and pay for your software. There are no tricks, just good old-fashioned choices when it comes to the deployment and billing for your software. Use Acumatica cloud-based software or site-based licenses; pay monthly or annually. The choice is yours.

Acumatica makes it easy to add third-party extensions and customize the base software. If you’re unsure about whether Acumatica is right for you, make an appointment to speak with a Mindover Software representative today. We can discuss what you need, show you the software, and address any questions or concerns you may have. Please contact Mindover Software today at 512-990-3994.

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