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Meet Anticipated Challenges through Business Process Improvement

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Business process improvement can help you meet both expected and unanticipated challenges. With so much changing in the business world, the economy, and throughout many industries, there is no shortage of challenges. How you meet these challenges determines how your business flourishes in the remainder of this year or if it falters. Business process improvement lends itself to helping you over the hurdles of unexpected challenges.

There are many ways in which you can improve your business. The selected ideas, below, encompass human resources, accounting, and overall business improvement. The trick is to find the improvements that give you the most “bang for your buck.” To do that, talk to the professionals at Mindover Software about your challenges. We can help you match software to your needs to improve business processes and much more.

Business Process #1: Self-Service Human Resources Portal

How much time does your human resources department spend answering routine questions? Questions regarding benefits enrollment, changes of address, and eligibility for specific benefits are all common questions fielded by many human resources departments daily.

Automated HRMS systems offer the ability to add a self-service portal to your business that reduces the number of interruptions and questions the average HR department experiences in a given day. Employees can log into the system and make changes to their personal information, check on their benefits and benefits eligibility, and much more.

By adding this business process improvement to your company, you’ve just freed your HR department to spend more time and energy on recruitment and training, two tasks which can make a big difference to your business.

Business Process Improvement #2: Add Automation

Automating manual processes is one business process improvement that has a tremendous impact on your business. Ask anyone who spent hours updating spreadsheets how much time was saved once their company moved to an accounting or ERP software package and they’ll tell you that automation not only saved time in data entry but also in reducing mistakes.

Automated alerts, such as alerts for low stock and aging receivables, not only save time but also save you many headaches. A low stock alert sent by the system to your cellphone can save you from an embarrassing situation such as promising a customer a delivery date that you can’t possibly make. Automated alerts can be used throughout your company to help manage business processes and workflow for greater efficiencies.

Business Process #3: Incorporate Data and Analytics into Decisions

The Internet of Things and the prevalence of data make it imperative to utilize data and analytics to drive decision-making. A business process improvement that gives you many benefits is the collection, analysis, and use of data.

An ERP system not only collects data but provides data access to everyone within your organization. Reports shared freely help everyone to collaborate on solutions and discuss possible approaches to problems. By removing the data gatekeepers, you make it easier for everyone to share, interact, and use valuable companywide data.

Business Process Improvements Start With Matching Software to Needs

The best business process improvements begin by matching business needs to the right software. Once problems are identified, solutions can be found within a variety of software packages that enable you to collect and analyze data, provide self-service HR functions to your staff, and automate many business processes.

These tools may be found in ERP packages, HRMS software, and various ERP and accounting packages. Finding the right one for your business needs is our specialty. Let’s discuss your needs and find the right solution. Please contact Mindover Software today at 512-990-3994.

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