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Mindover Software Now Offers Acumatica 6.0

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AcumaticaIf you haven’t already heard about Acumatica Cloud ERP, now is the time to learn about this unique system. The latest release, Acumatica 6.0, has just arrived and offers more features that make cloud ERP even easier to use and help your business prosper. This cloud software is based on flexible mobile technology with a pricing model the makes it accessible to all.

To learn more about using the cloud for ERP, download our whitepaper, Clearing the ERP Cloud.

We are very excited about the changes now available in Acumatica 6.0 and would like to share them with you.

Acumatica CRM Outlook Add-In

One new feature is the Acumatica CRM Outlook Add-In. Now, two of your most important software products work together to be more agile and efficient than ever. With the new Outlook Add-In, you can look up customer information in your Acumatica CRM database without ever leaving Outlook. You can see any customer information or sales history or any other data that is a part of your CRM. You can even create a new contact and mark it as a lead or opportunity.

What could you do with the time that this frees up? According to Reuters, the average U.S. worker spends 6.3 hours each day checking email. Now that you don’t have to copy and paste and switch between systems, hopefully you can spend that time on more productive tasks.

New Acumatica Dashboard and Improved Queries

ERP dashboards are not new. These graphical reporting features are a terrific way to see what is happening in your business at a glance. It makes your data accessible and actionable and helps you to make better business decisions.

What is new is the self-service analytics of Acumatica 6. The new dashboards are customizable by user and can be arranged just like you might arrange apps on the home screen of your phone. You can put any charts, tables, web pages, key performance indicators (KPIs) and so much more in any format you need. And then you can access that dashboard from your desktop, tablet or phone anytime, anywhere.

When you need to drill down into the details of your data, Acumatica 6 makes this easier than ever. This release of General Inquiries offers improved navigation between multiple inquiries offering you flexibility in finding and analyzing data.

Increased Flexibility and Customization

Acumatica now supports REST API with web services. What does this mean? The REST (representational state transfer) API (application programming interface) platform makes it easier to integrate with newer programming languages and technologies. This means that you can be confident that your Acumatica cloud ERP system is poised for future growth and capabilities.

Acumatica 6 software is able to process and generate massive amounts of data. At the same time, its friendly user interface means that working with this data is streamlined.  The cloud ERP is flexible enough to be adapted to your specific needs and change for your future needs.

Acumatica 6 Supports More Languages

As more small and mid-size companies expand their operations, multi-lingual capabilities are more important than ever. Acumatica 6 provides even greater support by offering multilingual interfaces for users. Even data can be stored in a language-specific manner.

Continuous Release Cycle Now Available

One of the exciting things about the upcoming launch of Acumatica 6 is that Acumatica is adding a continuous release cycle option. This will be offered in addition to the long-term support option currently offered, giving you a choice as to which upgrade process best fits your business needs.

Learn More About Acumatica

Acumatica 6.0 was just released a few days on September 8.  If you would like to take a closer look at this exciting product,  contact us for a demonstration. Mindover Software can help you implement cloud ERP in your business.

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