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Need a Financial Software Update? Consider Cloud ERP

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Take yourself back for a moment to the days when you first started your business. Whether that was just yesterday or years ago, the process likely had similar feelings. The start-up meant that money was tight and only necessities were purchased. Your time was spent focused on trying to get your name out there, on selling what you could while networking and making connections. Whether that’s a distant memory or not, we all started somewhere, and it was likely a place without much “extra” be it time, money, space, etc. No matter how long you’ve been in business or where your business is at today, it can be easy to get busy with all that the business involves and not realize what may be being overlooked. One of those areas is still likely technology.

As small or mid-sized businesses, your business likely grew organically and only added on technology as it was desperately needed and when it could be afforded. This approach allowed your company to adequately address immediate needs but made the business suffer in terms of giving the freedom to leverage new solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. You may see your business still lagging behind the time or may be noticing that the systems you do have are simply unfit and underqualified for the demands of growth and business in our modern world. It’s hard to keep up with an industry that changes so quickly and costs so much, but poorly integrated systems may end up being more costly due to lost productivity, poor data accuracy, and unnecessary delays. Realistically, these factors translate into lost revenue by not having the necessary productivity and therefore profitability. Although many bells and whistles exist that enhance business and aren’t necessary, there are some that are necessary. If there is one solution you’ll need to keep up with business, it is Cloud ERP. The growing trend of Cloud-based financial software solutions eliminates many issues but also provides for many opportunities.

Do you want to create a competitive advantage by adopting Cloud-based technology and achieve more work efficiency at the same time? Over the past few years, Cloud computing has emerged as a powerful tool to do just that. It offers sophisticated automation, freedom from hardware-based solutions, a substantial decrease in the need for lots of costly Information Technology assistance and support, and secure and instant access to customer information anywhere at any time. Mindover Software believes that financial software Cloud solutions can take you and your business to a whole new level of success because of all of these factors. To learn more about one Cloud solution that could be just what your business needs to get out of the past and be prepared for the future, learn about Acumatica Cloud ERP. It truly brings you the best of what the Cloud has to offer businesses. Let’s take a closer look at what Cloud-based technology is all about.

What is Cloud-based?

Cloud-based technology is often referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS). With a SaaS solution, employees can begin working immediately with the new software from any device with an Internet connection. Cloud-based solutions bundle all that you need– hardware, network, storage, services and software—into one system that is accessed at any time from anywhere via a web browser.  together and deliver the entire system via a web browser anywhere, anytime. Cloud-based applications support many of the things you already use online including:

• Email

• Online Banking

• Applications like weather on a smart phone

• Social media like Facebook or LinkedIn

Cloud-based financial software business solutions are robust in their capabilities and streamlined in their ease of functionality. To learn more about the Cloud, Cloud-based solutions, and keeping up with the business times by incorporating just one solution—the Cloud—into your business, contact Mindover Software.

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