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Need to Improve Speed? Look to Sage 300 for Help!

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The need for speed has never been greater. Sage 300 can help.

Customers compare your delivery time with the companies they know. With Amazon talking about using drones to drop orders onto customers’ porches and the quest to have a warehouse close to almost every customer, they’ve upped the ante in the speed game. Even if you don’t sell to consumers, B2B customers experience the “Amazon effect” and subconsciously wonder why they can’t get their goods as quickly as they can their new books or blenders.

If you need to improve your speed of delivery, Sage 300 can help.

Supply Chain Visibility

Improved supply chain visibility provides a window into every aspect of your operations. With an ERP system, you can determine the current workflow status and assess the time it may take to receive needed raw materials and deliver finished products to customers. You can view the inventory of materials, parts, and finished goods and check supply at any stage of the process. You can also check your cash flow to ensure you’ve got enough cash on hand to buy more materials should the need arise.

Every piece of information available in an ERP dashboard enables better supply chain visibility. With that improved visibility comes the ability to make better, faster decisions.

For example, looking at today’s reports, you notice you’re low on one critical raw material that’s needed for several customer orders. Because you’re using a cloud-based system, you can log in from anywhere, anytime, to check on the status of the reorder. If it’s not coming in fast enough, you can alert the customer or seek the same item from alternative suppliers.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics enable you to make educated guesses about what’s needed in your business from increased staffing to reordering materials. ERP systems offer the ability to establish predictive analytics for many critical areas of your business.

With better predictive analytics, you can:

  • Obtain better pricing by longer pre-order times
  • Know when it’s time to order more materials before it becomes critical
  • Hire staff to handle peak production times
  • Schedule routine equipment maintenance around peak production times to avoid costly delays

Predictive analytics can also help you order in bulk, which saves money, and avoid rush fees, too.

Improve Distribution

The faster you can get products to market, the better. ERP systems improve distribution by providing you with better data to manage vendor relationships. Monitor all the information entering the system—individual purchases, ordering, or billing, and make any adjustments needed to improve speed to delivery.

Each business has unique distribution processes. The great thing about Sage 300 is that it offers the flexibility to customize your dashboards and data entry so you can adapt it to your company’s distribution process. This added flexibility, along with enhanced data visibility, enables you to ship quickly with greater accuracy.

Sage 300 Support: Some of the Best in the Business

Mindover Software provides Sage 300 support and sales, and Sage itself is known as an excellent ERP vendor who offers unparalleled support.

If you’re looking for faster, better ways to make customers happy and get goods to market, think about the data you track and the systems you use to measure and monitor aspects of your business. No, an ERP system can’t fix poor product quality or marketing decisions, but it can help you spot them quickly and fix them. That’s what most businesses need—an automated “extra set of eyes” that helps them pinpoint anything not contributing to sales. Sage 300 excels at providing companies with the data they need to move faster in an ever-faster market.

For more information about Sage 300 or Sage 300 support, contact Mindover Software today at 512-990-3994.

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