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New SageCRM Incentives Aid Rapid CRM ROI for New Customers

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Sage announced financial incentives to help new Sage CRM customers realize a rapid return on investment (ROI) for one of its flagship CRM products: SageCRM. The incentives target customers who switch from competing CRM offerings such as Salesforce, Dynamics CRM and Netsuite. The financial incentives, which run through March 31, 2010, include a 60% discount off MSRP plus a 25% discount on the first 2 years of software maintenance. Sage is even throwing in a credit toward the data conversion services required to switch over to SageCRM.

“Businesses are seeking rapid implementation and return on their technology investments so they can benefit from operational improvements as quickly as possible,” said Jeff Gregorec, Sage CRM Solutions vice president of sales and strategic alliances.

SageCRM operates on premise or as a hosted “cloud” offering through Sage. Not many know that SageCRM was one of the early CRM applications running on the Internet like many new “cloud” CRM products, enabling users to access customer data from the office or on the road through virtually any Internet connection. SageCRM’s “cloud” option makes it a perfect offering for businesses that want to lower their up front investment, minimize downtime and improve overall ROI.

Many customers of Mindover Software now run Internet based SageCRM to handle a range of business functions. One such customer, an oil field services company in West Texas, uses SageCRM to post the status of anchor testing jobs for its oil production customers to review in real time. Customers access the secure job status information through a website designed by Mindover Software. The job status website also allows customers to request new jobs, speeding up the processing time by as much as 50%!

Mindover Software also recently used CRM to create an RMA (Returned Material Approval) process for a military uniform contractor in Mississippi. The RMA functions were designed using SageCRM’s automated work flows, which during the design phase looks like a flow chart and allows multiple steps to be set up with automatic alerts, emails and field information requirements. The work flow design tool ensures critical data is never missed during the RMA process, an especially important requirement given that the principal customer of this uniform contractor is none other than the US military!

Still another SageCRM customer uses CRM in its stone and tile showrooms across the country. SageCRM allows sales and customer service representatives in Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, Newport Beach and Houston to access inventory data real-time so that customers, who are often home builders with demanding information requirements, are given the latest stone and tile prices and inventory availability to factor into their project time-lines. Compared to phone calls to the warehouse and plants, the new CRM-enabled process stands to yield a 30% savings in time and 10% savings in erroneous product shipments.

With Sage offering 60% discounts on SageCRM software for new customers leaving competing CRM products, the math really starts to make sense. Another factor for the ROI equation is SageCRM’s ease of deployment, which takes a fraction of the time compared to many popular CRM products on the market today. Another big plus is SageCRM’s user-friendliness. It simply takes very little time to learn how to use SageCRM and begin experiencing the time-saving features such as quote creation, live inventory updates, customer credit requests, automated AR collections, and much more!

If ever there was a time to jump into SageCRM, now would be it! The financial incentives from Sage make it a no-brainer. The user-friendly screens and lightning fast set-up make SageCRM a best choice for many small and mid-sized companies in need of a true productivity jump. The out-of-the-box integration to Sage Accpac ERP is a bonus many companies can’t believe exists, so comprehensive is the integration to critical financial data! If manual work is the bane of efficiency in business today, then SageCRM is the answer for businesses in need of faster processes, fewer entry errors and greater financial security.

One of our CRM consultants would be happy to discuss any questions you have about SageCRM, the financial incentives Sage is offering to switch or any other business process automation issue you may have. Call us at 512-990-3994 or visit our website at