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The Power of Clear, Insightful Reports with BizNet

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Reports aren’t exactly an exciting topic, but without clear, insightful business intelligence from Acumatica or Sage products, you’d be hard-pressed to use the plethora of data compiled in these powerful systems. Business intelligence tools such as BizNet can transform the power of reporting to build exciting reports that help your team gain valuable insights from the information available to them.

Components of a Good Business Report

There are three components common among good business reports.

  1. Accurate

Accuracy is paramount to any business report. Inaccurate or faulty data leads to incorrect assumptions and conclusions. Fortunately, systems such as Sage 300, Acumatica, and others provide real-time data and excellent reliability. This helps ensure accuracy.

Reports drawn from these systems using BizNet bridge the gap between Excel and Acumatica or Sage products. They provide the format, the template, and the base for accurate data to be developed into reports. When your system is automated with these resources, you won’t have to worry about inaccurate data or mistakes creeping into the reports. If the inputs into the business systems are correct, the reports derived from them will be accurate.

  1. Understandable

The second criteria is that reports are understandable. “Easy to understand” is in the eye of the beholder, of course. A report that is easy for a CPA to understand may be difficult for the warehouse manager to interpret, and vice versa.

Many would argue that while Excel can be cumbersome, it does provide a simple and easy to understand format for the average person to grasp. Business intelligence resources such as BizNet use Excel to create easily understood reports.

Data visualized, or transforming numbers into pictures such a graphs and charts, can make complex data easy to understand. So, too, can formatting choices, such as clear and precise column headers, summaries, and other elements that make the data easy to identify and understand.

  1. Concise

Everyone at your company is busy. No one can spend hours poring over data and reflecting upon it. You need to know the salient points quickly. A concise report ensures that pertinent information is quickly absorbed and easy to find.

Lengthy, wordy reports are difficult to read and use. Brevity helps make sure that report information is useful to many.

Creating Great Reports with BizNet

Creating good reports starts by having the right tools available. You wouldn’t be able to paint a masterpiece without professional artist paints, canvas, and brushes. To make your report a “masterpiece”, you need the data equivalent of a professional artist’s palette and tools.

Most ERP software comes with basic reporting functions. Much of the data that you need can be exported into Excel and other spreadsheet programs for simple tables, charts, graphs, and manipulation.

However, at some point you may need a more robust reporting solution; that’s where BizNet comes in handy. With BizNet, you can create great reports according to our three criteria, with an emphasis on accuracy.

Excel and similar spreadsheet programs may be common, but it is also common for mistakes to creep into the data as you work with it. It’s easy to accidentally transpose digits or make formatting mistakes that can lead to errors. With BizNet’s seamless interface to Excel, you can be confident that the data is accurate, and you need to perform less manipulation with it. The resulting reports are concise, accurate, and easy; all hallmarks of good reports.

Mindover Software and Reporting

Mindover Software works with businesses to help them streamline their technology and achieve business goals. With Sage 100, Sage 300, Acumatica and BizNet software at your fingertips, concise and accurate reports will be on hand in no time at all. Just think of what it can do to boost your business and empower your managers.

Do you want help create the right reports for your business? Take a look at Mindover Software’s Build a Report service. Learn more on our website or contact us today.

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