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Replatforming? Here’s What You Need to Know About Cloud-Based ERP

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Cloud-based ERP offers an array of features to entice many companies to hop aboard the “ERP train.” During replatforming, it can be challenging to know which software to consider and which to choose. Here’s what you need to know about cloud-based ERP and how it can address many common challenges that lead to replatforming.

Replatforming: When It’s Time for Moving On

Replatforming means switching your computer software to new systems. It can be frightening, exciting, and challenging all at the same time. Many companies choose to replatform during anticipated downtimes, such as over the holidays or summer months, depending on the industry, to minimize disruption.

How do you know when it’s time for replatforming? Ask yourself these five simple questions:

  1. Are legacy systems failing more than they are working? If you’re continually chasing error messages or apologizing for being unable to complete requests because the system is down again, it may be time to find a new system.
  2. Do we lack what we need to do our jobs? When older systems do not provide the information or capabilities required, and you find yourself using manual processes to accomplish what other companies do using cloud-based ERP, then it’s time to move on.
  3. Is integration costing more than the solution? Adding new software to an existing system shouldn’t break the bank. If implementation costs more than the software itself, it’s time for a new base system.
  4. No longer supported. Oops—your current system no longer includes updates or patches. It’s so old that the software developer isn’t providing support for it anymore—time to put it out to pasture.
  5. Everyone’s working around the system, not with it: In addition to not finding what you need in the system, everyone has a unique workaround to do what they need to do. Tom has spreadsheets; Susan cobbles together two separate systems. How much time is being wasted?

Cloud-based ERP can change not just how you work but how you manage your business. If you’re considering adding it, here’s what you need to know.

Five Facts About Cloud-Based ERP

  1. Cloud-based ERP is the future of all enterprise resource planning systems. Although some systems offer a seat-based service, most companies are choosing to move to the cloud. It offers a more cost-effective method of implementing ERP across an organization and solves many of the replatforming challenges listed above.
  2. Automatic updates are included. Most cloud-based ERP includes automatic updates. These software updates happen behind the scenes, so you don’t experience downtime or disruptions to the service.
  3. Big data and analytics are for everyone. If you thought both are for the “big guys” only, think again. Small and mid-sized businesses benefit from the data and analytic powers found in cloud-based ERP. They can help improve decision making and business planning, for example, by providing you with data upon which to form your decisions and an easy way to manage and use the data in the system.
  4. ERP is a business initiative, not just software. It’s tempting to turn ERP selection over to the IT department, but they aren’t the ones using the final selection—you, your managers, and your employees are the ones who will live with the decision. It’s a business choice because it impacts how everyone does their job and is not just a software or technical solution.
  5. Cloud systems help control technology costs. Cloud systems share hosting and security updates. Rather than paying for your company’s own needs and then paying someone to install them, you tap into an extensive network of services with high security and automated updates. Cloud-based ERP may be accessed through any internet connected device, too, so you don’t need to buy all new hardware. Use what you have and save money on hardware upgrades.

Choosing your new cloud-based ERP system and replatforming your company can be a daunting task. To make it easier, Mindover Software is available for a consultation. Please contact us at 512-990- 3994.