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Sage 300 and My Workforce Analyzer—Setup Made Easy

in: Sage 300 ERP|Sage HRMS

My Workforce Analyzer by Sage gives you the ability to conveniently and affordably abide by ACA reporting requirements. My Workforce Analyzer helps you manage employer-sponsored healthcare and stay compliant with government regulations.

This blog describes the steps to setup the My Workforce Analyzer reporting module for Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting using the Sample Company, SAMINC.

Sage 300 Setup

  1. Setup appropriate Payroll Earnings / Deduction Codes with W2 Reporting as “Employer Provided Health Care”

  ○ Payroll Earnings and Deductions

• Basic Information

• Employee

• Employer

2. Setup Payroll Class Code for Hourly / Salary

3. Setup Payroll Class Code for FT/PT

4. Setup Employees

○ Payroll Class Codes

• NOTE: All employees must be assigned a Payroll Class Codes, even if terminated / inactive.

○ Assign the Earnings and Deduction codes with W2 Reporting as “Employee Provided Health Care”

My Workforce Analyzer Configuration / Setup

  1. Start My Workforce Analyzer from Start menu or desktop icon.

2. Logon to the desired Sage 300 company.

3. Expand the “Prepare your Sage 300 Payroll Information” section of the Welcome screen.

4. Select Use Class 3 Codes for: Hours of Service for Salaried Employees

5. Select Use Class 4 Codes for: Define Full-Time or Part-Time Status by Employee Types

6. Click Sage

7. Click Open My Workforce Analyzer

8. Open Setup on the “Welcome to My Workforce Analyzer” Home screen.

9. Complete the Employer/Benefits tab information.

10. Save

11. Complete the Regulatory Periods tab information

12. Save

13. Complete the Employees/Service Hours tab information

14. Save

15. Complete the Payroll History tab selection

16. Save

17. Complete the Employee ACA Settings tab information

18. Save

19. Setup Complete!